ByAngelo Schroeder, writer at
Angelo Schroeder

I Played This For 3 hours a Day for a week and beat the game this game was THE BEST MAFIA GAME OUT THERE if you like the mafia pick up this game so the game is about you as Vito Scaletta and your best friend Joe Barbaro you are proving your self's to To Your Family then YOU AND JOE GET IN BIG TROUBLE...then stuff happens and The Voice actin is amazing its like im in the game like its a move and im just game with it as it plays along and its based n the 1940-1960 about in that time zone the cars are AWESOME and its i little like real life with cops at lest there are speed zones and they know your plates and YOU CAN PICK LOOK CARS ITS SO COOL i didnt play the DLC'S YET...and this game techs you to respect ladys im not say you have to get this game im just saying its a really GOOD game and you can try it out if you want i love the charters all of then and how they act and i think you will to thank you if you are still reading this for takeing the time to read this and im just saying try the game out you have a shot to like the game as i did here is the preview try the game out-Angelo Schroeder


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