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Now I sort of already made an article about this a few months back which was my Top 15 Comic Book Superheroes. However for the contest, I think I should talk about the best of the best! LET'S GET IT STARTED IN HERE!

5. Tim Drake's Robin

Dick Grayson? Cool guy but Nightwing is his mantle. Jason Todd? Pfft. Traitorous punk. Tim Drake? NOW THAT'S THE ROBIN! To me, Tim is just the perfect protege for Batman because of his loyalty and much love for the moniker of Robin (Damian Wayne is not canon in my mind because of my hatred for him), his similar backstory to Bruce Wayne's, and the fact that out of all the different Robin's, Tim is the closest to matching Batman mentally. He's a great detective, he's tech savvy, and he's a great fighter. I want this guy to be the next BAtman if Bruce Wayne ever dies.

4. Wonder Woman or Blue Beetle

I love that line SO much!
I love that line SO much!

The first ever female superhero and the symbol of compassion definitely earns her slot on this list. With her motherly and kind personality, her deadly fighting skills, and a lasso of truth she is just the perfect female superhero...before New 52 turned her into a brash, annoying idiot who kills every time she fights...ugh. Thank god New 52 is ending.

However there is another hero who I couldn't leave off this list: Blue Beetle. The character of Blue Beetle was first introduced to me in the pilot episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold and since then I have been interested in him.

Over the years, I have become a complete fanboy of Blue Beetle. Dan Garrett was a great start for the character, Ted Kord was an even better reboot for the character, and then there is the series that I read even to this day: Jaime Reyes. The story of a regular kid from El Paso, Texas who accidentally bonds with an alien scarab and becomes a fun-loving superhero. If you have not read the 2006 series, I highly recommend it.

3. Batman

Do I really need to say anything? Yeah he's become a bit overused in mainstream media but hey that just shows how much of an awesome character he is. He's dark, he's epic, he's Batman. That's all I have to say.

2. Spider-Man

Some say that Batman is the most relatable because he's human. Well...not exactly in my case. I'm not rich, I wasn't raised in a mansion all my life. I was just a regular kid who grew up to become treated like an outcast by the people at school just like Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man. That's mostly why I put him so I because I've always felt how Peter felt and so I connected with the character. Take away his fantastic adventures as Spidey and you come to see that Peter is still just a normal kid trying to support his aunt and deal with normal problems teenagers go through. Even then, his unique powers, his fantastic mythos, and overall fun personality also earn him the number two slot.

If you all follow me, I'm sure you know who's about to pop up.

1. Superman

"MEEEH, Superman is overpowered so he's boring! MEEEH, Superman is such a goody-goody! MEEEH, Superman is..."

SHUT UP! Okay feel free to not like Superman but do not try to convince me that he is a bad character because I will always put him not only as my favorite superhero but my favorite fictional character.

He's the symbol of hope, the good man we all should aspire to be. He's the light in the DC's world of darkness. He is THE hero. Without Superman, characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man would not exist.

Superman is overpowered? WRONG! He's not meant to fight the Joker or Penguin. No he fights characters like Darkseid, Doomsday, Brainiac, Lex Luthor, and General Zod; all character who if given the right opportunities could destroy our planet in less than 24 hours but only one man can stop them: Superman.

Superman always wins? Wrong again. Most of the time when these villains come along, he fails at first then comes back stronger. The Goku Effect is what I call it. One time, Superman actually died trying to defeat a villain and some villains he still hasn't beaten such as Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Superman is too much of a boy scout? Sure. Why is that a bad thing? He's meant to be a symbol of hope and a beacon of light for us. Batman is a schizophrenic man who watched his parents get gunned down in front of him in a wet alley way. Superman was raised by two good people on a farm, surrounded by good friends, and was chosen to not only be a good person but be the hero to inspire humans to take justice in there own hands (Gee where did Nolan steal his motive for Batman from?).

Superman is my hero and I will love until the day that I die.

Tell me your thoughts on these choices in the comments below!


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