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We seen that Scarlet Witch shows something to Black Widow.. Right? But Anyone of us thought of this?

Scarlet Witch & Black Widow
Scarlet Witch & Black Widow

what if she is just showing her ''whats gonna happen if they continue to fight with ultron?? and maybe Witch is only finding out widow's past and then shows her whats gonna happen in future and one of their teammate will die? its possible..

sit and think clearly.. Witch gives widow a vision but we dont know what is it about.. right? but i think she is just showing her that if they continue on this line.. one of them will die. We see broken shield and thor's arm but we dont know who... just think clearly and you will think like me.. i dont think Captain Amerika or any one of them will die..

we know that movie.. right? the priest tells him that he will die .. but he changes that and doesnt die. and kill the man who would kill the king..

so do not worry. none is gonna die in Avengers Age of Ultron..


What do you think people?? Do you think like me now or not?


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