BySwarnava Chattaraj, writer at

So as far as we know from the photos posted in various social media that DC is continuing with their dark approach..And they also said that there will be no light moment in the upcoming DC movie dawn of justice..Now as a comic book reader i didn't find these proposed stuffs appropriate for a comic book movie. No, i am not telling this because marvel made movies funny, different approach is good but the thing is they are forcing this dark thing to make the characters more deep and serious, and that is affecting their basic traits.Like the Aquaman costume posted, who was that?? he looks like an Anti-Hero which Aquaman is not. I know they cant do bright orange and green which wont fit in the movie colour palette.But why this total dark "evil-Poseidon" type costume? We love the Aquaman we watch in those amazing animated films and read in comics(yes we do make fun of him, but thats a part of Aquaman). Same with man of steel, i know the recent comics made superman dark and deep but it looks stupid. Its better to have a guy who is super powerful and responsible(and wears bright cloths) than a dark idiot on steroids(seriously, man of steel pissed me off). Then why DC is trying to make all the heroes like BATMAN??? I think its because only BATMAN trilogy got a huge amount of success and other DC movies sucked...They should have learned by now that dark approach is not that effective with other DC characters cause that is not true to their of steel was not a successful movie( it was very dark and not superman-like)..I like the original bright superheroes(as much as possible for movie realism) cause they represent my childhood and they are not real people they are comic book characters so if we forcefully try to make all of them badass and not so superhero-like, whats the point of making those movies?? haven't DC fans won most of the arguments with this line "its not about making money, its about sending a message" ? So what message are they sending? batman rules others sucks,be like batman. Seriously ,google 'dark dc' the first image comes is of batman universe..So plz DC i request u to stop making all characters DARK.


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