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The Little Mermaid is an under-the-sea tale of a red-haired mermaid called Ariel who falls in love with a handsome prince. We all know how the story goes and even to this day, we still hold a deep love for the wonderful characters that Disney brought to life.

Yet, while you may have watched the movie hundreds of times, there are probably elements of the story that you had not considered and sneaky Easter Eggs that you hadn't noticed.

Below are some of my favorites that I found while trawling through the Internet. Take a look, but before you dive right in, relive the marvelous deep water extravaganza in the trailer below:

1. Ariel's desire to become human echoes her blossoming sexuality

A blossoming flower is often a reference to a young girl undergoing many biological changes as she becomes a woman. A certain YouTube clip picks apart almost every scene in the movie linked it to a stage in a woman's life.

For a complete overview of all of these subliminal messages, take a look at this video below, which explains everything in detail:

2. Ursula is King Triton's ex-lover

Clare Moseley thinks that Ursula was Triton's mistress. Telling her that he would marry her after his wife died, the purple diva was too impatient and killed her before nature was able to take it's course.

Obviously, the King was never going to go through with such a commitment so it's no wonder that Ursula wanted him part of her collection so much. She must have been so raging mad that she wanted to punish him by hurting his daughter, Ariel.

3. Or, Ursula & Triton were actually siblings

In the 2006 DVD release, the commentary suggested that Ursula was written as Triton's sister in the early scenes. This would make her Ariel's aunt!

In a deleted scene, she even reminisces in the line "when I lived in the palace..."

This storyline was later abandoned, but in the books and plays they are in fact related!

4. Frozen/Tangled are linked with The Little Mermaid

When the parent's of Anna and Elsa sailed off to Tangled's Flynn and Rapunzel's wedding, they sadly died at sea.

The vessel they crossed the stormy seas in is suspected to be the one that Ariel explored.

5. This priest is sexually aroused

That's not one of his knees... that's for sure.

6. Eric's kingdom suffers economic collapse

Following the happy marriage between Ariel and Eric, economic collapse ravages the kingdom. But why?

Well, it's located right next to the sea and Eric has both his birthday and his wedding on a boat. The chef is also obsessed with fish (we see him chopping them all up in the castle's kitchens, remember?). Because of this, it is safe to assume that the entire kingdom's economy is based on fishing.

Considering the new Queen thinks that fishing is similar to cannibalism, she would most certainly have put a stop to the practice. After all, is she really going to be letting her watery friends get caught in those nets and on hooks to be eaten?

As a result, Eric's kingdom is going to suffer. Villagers will not be able to fish, and because of this they will not be able to feed their families, resulting in economic collapse and STARVATION!

7. Why did Ariel not just write Prince Eric a note?

A fan named Mary Falls has shared a eye-opening theory on Facebook, wondering why on earth Ariel just didn't write a note to Eric explaining her terrible predicament. She writes:

"Ariel could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she had just learned to read and write. She could just scrawl out an explanation of her situation for Prince Eric. [...] But then I figured, if she was the daughter of a king, she probably could read and write. She probably had the finest underwater education available, especially since she was the star of the under sea orchestral extravaganza, which had absolutely no room for scrubs. Then it occurred to me, duh - they can't write underwater without those special pens, and they'd have to be able to walk to The Sharper Image to get those. But I'll be damned, she signed that contract with Ursula."

What do you think? Did you know all of these theories?



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