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For me, the '90s classic TV show Rugrats is the quintessential cartoon of my childhood. That hooking theme tune, the sweet characters, the clever story-lines, the evil older sister - it had it all.

And it's not just me who says that. The show quickly became one of the most popular on Nickelodeon and is nowadays regarded as the pinnacle of the station's golden era.

But as you're about to find out, the topics depicted in Rugrats weren't always fun-filled sandpit giggles and playroom adventures.

Watch one of the saddest moments in animation history as Chuckie and his Dad have nobody to dance with in Rugrats in Paris.

It's known throughout the series that Chuckie's mom died when he was baby, but it's only in the episode fittingly entitled "Mother's Day" that things start to get REALLY heart-wrenching.

Chuckie's Dad explains to Chuckie that his Mom loved the outdoors and flowers. He shows him all of the flowers that she planted in their backyard.

He tells Chuckie that she loved to spend time with him, revealing that he has a reoccurring dream of a genuine memory of his mom and Chuckie playing outside together and encouraging him not to be scared of a butterfly.

He then shows Chuckie her diary, which she started to keep when she was terminally ill in the hospital. The last thing she wrote is a poem to Chuckie. She begins

"My sweet, little Chuckie, though I must leave you behind me. This poem will tell you where you always can find me."

It goes like this...

"When a gentle wind blows, that's my hand on your face.

"And when the tree gives you shade, that's my sheltering embrace.

"When the sun gives you freckles, that's me tickling my boy.

"When the rain wets your hair, those are my tears of joy.

"When the long grass enfolds you, that's me holding you tight.

"When the Whippoorwill sings, that's me whispering, 'Night, night.'"

Awwh, man. I'm welling up here. Poor, poor, Chuckie.


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