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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I haven't been abroad on vacation in what feels like an absolute age, and I tell you I could really dig one. No particular reason, I just want one. I'd love to begin perusing a map of the globe, my index running over countries, and me wondering what the beaches are like at whichever time of year I like.

The romance found in picking up new languages and strolling down the same cobblestone lanes previously tread by distant ancestors. The waking up to be greeted by resplendent sunrises and the sound of the surf meeting the coast. Aah, there'd be nothing quite like that.

Except, knowing my luck, what may have begun as a perfectly innocent foray into the lesser known spots of overseas hot beds of touristic activity, could descend into a nightmarish sprint for survival after stumbling too blindly and naively into a cave full of mummies, or any of these six weird and downright terrifying places to visit.

Dare you take a trip to these:

6 Insanely Creepy Vacation Destinations

This trip be like...
This trip be like...

Okay, reader, have your maps and red pen (for NOPE) at the ready, and let us begin:

1. Matsuo Ghost Mine

Seriously, how many Silent Hill-esqe places are there in the world? This once sulphur mine, found in Northern Japan, is now home to decaying buildings and a fog so thick, you could lose yourself in it for days.


Perfect for: Getting lost with your love

2. Bird Suicide Grounds of Jatinga

Usually birds migrate south during winter to stay sun-kissed and as chill as birds can be, but residents of Jatinga in Northern India have noticed that come autumn, birds flock there to commit suicide by dive bombing the ground! Now that's messed up.

Gotta worry about a bit more than bird poop.
Gotta worry about a bit more than bird poop.

Perfect for: Casual bird spotting

3. Kabayan

Found in The Philippines, this collection of man made caves are packed full of incredibly well preserved mummies.

Have a taste of my Unrelenting Force, creep!
Have a taste of my Unrelenting Force, creep!

Perfect for: Leveling up your Dragonborn

4. Candido Godoi

This Brazilian town has a ridiculously high amount of identical twins. Some say this is the result of escaped Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's experiments on twins, honed in Auschwitz, to increase the Aryan population. I hope this isn't true.

Perfect for: Guinness World Record chasers

5. Hellingly Hospital

Found in East Sussex in England, this real life insane asylum tortured its patients for 90 years before closing. Now an abandoned building, I dare you to spend a night there.

Perfect for: A romantic camping session

6. Akodessewa

Feel like a visit to the colorfully named Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo, Africa? If you do, you'll come across all kinds of voodoo paraphernalia such as shrunken heads, potions, bones and mummified remains.

Perfect for: Casual window shopping for souvenirs

Right, I've sorted my list of places to avoid this summer. Think I may just stick with London, England or something. I dunno, maybe camp in the garden.

What do you guys think?

Are you already making reservations to stay in these creepy and wonderful towns?


Which place would you most like to visit?

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