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People can be skeptical about how authentic pictures of ghosts can be.

But, you have to admit, being shown a scary picture with what looks like a ghost floating in it, or a random hand, can get pretty scary!

Have a look at this bunch! There's a few scares to be had!

1. The Brown Lady

One of the most famous EVER ghost pics, there's a woman floating down the stairs! And it's an old picture! It has to be real!!

2. Godfather Pizza Ghost

Who doesn't want a side order of freaky ghost with their pizza?!

3. The Haunted Bureau

A ghost hand, or Thing enjoying a photobomb? You decide.

4. Ghost on the train track

Explain that skeptics!

5. Scream!

Earliest Scream mask on record?

6. Man in White


7. Ghost of Freddy Jackson

Another famous pic, the ghostly figure is meant to be of a soldier that died two days before this was taken. His friends recognized him in the picture instantly!

8. Manila Ghost

These girls were just having fun, before THIS happened!

9. Ghost car!

He's behind you!

10. Don't sit down!

Now this one is scary!

11. Ghosts in Church!

On the balcony!! Top right!

12. Brothers

The man in the picture has said the man behind is his brother. All good, but his brother died in World War 2!

13. Baby

Ok, so this is sad and scary.

14. The Mystery Monk

Who is he?! Why is he there?!

15. Lady in The Forest

It's all getting a bit Blair Witch!

16. The child in white

This one gives me goosebumps! So weird!

17. Pink lady

Not a cast member of Grease, obviously.

18. Sat in Church

Spine-tingling scary!

19. There's a ghost in the restaurant!

No wonder the place is empty!

20. Anybody home?

It appears there is.....

21. Caught on webcam!

22. Sports fans

Who are they there to see?

23. Skeleton

Why is the ghost practising Yoga?! WHY!

24. Stonehedge

Who's that little creepy see-through guy?!

25. The lost boy

He looks so sad. and very much not alive.


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