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There is something about the unknown that has forever toyed with human consciousness. No matter how small or trivial the ambiguity, the inexplicable inevitably becomes the creepy. We cling desperately to our rationality, telling ourselves there must be reasonable explanations. But it's no use.

Which is why when we see bizarre old photographs from the early 20th Century that have long since shed their meaning and purpose, we get freaked out about what the stories behind them may be. We wonder whether the people in them are dead, how they died, whether their spirits still linger.

But this, of course, is exactly why looking at them is so fascinating.

To prove my point, here are 21 vintage images that will make your skin crawl!

1. A giant mound of animal skulls!

2. A Mickey Mouse gas mask?!

3. So scary you don't see the roller skates!

4. This kid looks happy to see his grandparents!

5. What lies beneath that sheet?

6. Definitely evil...

7. "The faceless driver"

8. The original creepy twins!

9. An early attempt at 'Home Alone'?

10. "The Lady in White"

Continued below...

Recapture that vintage creepiness with this classic blood-filled scene from Hitchcock's Psycho!

11. Caught in a bear trap!

12. Cute bunny or terrifying killer rabbit?

13. The intentional bike crash!

14. Early shock therapy at a psychiatric hospital!

15. "Tumbling beasts"

16. He's behind you!

17. This guy actually looks kinda cute.

18. Rumor has it she's still crying... from the dead!

19. Nothing to see here, gentlemen.

20. "Kitten with eight legs and two tails"

21. Look at that smile!

Pretty creepy, huh?


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