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Written language is an amazing thing. It can be used to create beautiful sonnets, to tell epic and enthralling stories, or to chronicle the collective achievements of mankind.

It can also sometimes be unintentionally sexual - especially as the meanings of words changes. Take for example these book titles which probably should have been scrutinized a bit more by the publisher.

1. Even without the sexual innuendo, that's still a bit of a weird title

2. Good on her!

3. Before the internet, people had to get pictures of pussies from elsewhere

4. Made all the worse by the fact that it's published by the Catholic Truth Society

5. Those super-sturdy pages will come in handy...

6. Not particularly rude, but still a great title for a book

7. Double Penetrator? Come on, this has got to be deliberate

8. Now we're just being immature

9. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

10. Those ice creams must be really good

And to play us out, is the king of unintentional sexual innuendo, Tobias Fünke M.D.:

Source: FunnyOrDie


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