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Fort Paull in Yorkshire, England claims to be one of the last remaining Napoleonic era forts in the country - and with that comes a long, illustrious, and violent history.

The fort was first commissioned in 1861 - although the site had been used to house gun batteries since the days of Henry VIII - and eventually closed down in 1964, ending it's 200 year service.

Following this, the Friends of Fort Paull took over and converted the fortress into a museum. Although I'm sure the history of Fort Paull is incredibly interesting, unfortunately, the sounds of the tour guide are likely to be drowned out by the terrified screams of visitors who catch a glimpse of these truly horrific wax mannequins.

Check out these images provided by Fort Paull visitor and Redditor Billogi.

Executioner shows off his collection

Medical center/Kitchen/Zombie laboratory

Someone's about to get kilt

Barber? Dentist? Both?

The 'doctor' will see you now

These guys look completely trustworthy

Zombie Hitler

Firing squad - outrageously huge moustache combo

Then things start to get even weirder...

An air raid shelter? I'd rather take my chances on the streets, thanks...

Bizarre surrendering scenario

Is that a severed head in the cupboard behind him?

This mannequin has seen too much

They're just being creepy on purpose now...

Is Fort Paull still not creepy enough for you? Well, maybe you'd like to know the site is also apparently very haunted. It's a frequent location for ghosthunters, with nighttime visitors speaking of strange voices, physical forces, and the ghostly sound of footsteps.

Source: ViralNova


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