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The first day of school is almost in session after Nickelodeon announced the brand new cast for the live-action TV series of School of Rock! And while most of us best remember a cast of super talented kids headed by funny man Jack Black, this time around Black, who played original substitute teacher Dewey Finn, has found himself substituted for comedian Tony Cavalero.

Now, for those of you who might not remember just how epic the 2003 version of School of Rock was, please feel free to relive the awesomeness of Zack's Song:

What a tune even 12 years later!

The TV series of the film promises music, comedy and more talented musician children than you can shake a stick at, and it will follow a plot very similar to the film as a group of prep school students discover a love of music thanks to the unorthodox teachings of their new substitute, Dewey.

Jack Black and Tony Cavalero
Jack Black and Tony Cavalero

The younger cast members have also been totally recast (not surprising, seeing as the original kids are all now in their 20s!), though will play characters of the same name and personality to those in the film. Freddy will be played by Ricardo Hurtado, Lance Lim is Zack, Aidan Miner plays Lawrence, Jade Pettyjohn is Summer, and Breanna Yde is bass player Tomika.

School of Rock has a 13-episode order from Nickelodeon and Richard Linklater, the director from the 2003 original film, is attached as an executive producer which I'm sure will mean the TV show will be just as hilarious as the movie.

Take a look at some of the best bits from the movie School of Rock that I hope make it into School of Rock the TV series:

When Dewey told his class how it was

And inspired them with this song and dance number

When he taught his students that rock was all about passion

But it also doesn't hurt to have awesome tricks up your, um, shirt?

And finally when he taught a whole new generation this classic trick

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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