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On July, 6th 2006, in Los Angeles, California, the LA Philharmonic Orchestra kicked off a show in the Hollywood Bowl. For almost two hours, thousands of viewers were treated to the orchestral history of an undervalued art form. Since that day, Video Games Live has travelled around to over 20 different countries, with each location offering their own local orchestra.

Those of us who've been involved with Video Games for many years have often engaged in the discussion in which we attempt, and often succeed, to depict the merits and values of what is seen as a "nerdy" pastime. Though a great portion of the world may undervalue video games, those of us who understand their worth, can bask in the glory of a diverse art form.

Video Games Live
Video Games Live

The industry is rife with talented individuals, from concept artists and sound designers, to creative directors and of course, composers. In recent years we've even seen Academy Award winning and nominated composers lend their work to the industry, from the likes of Gustavo Santaollala (The Last of Us) to Hans Zimmer (Crysis 2). Video Games Live is a celebration of that contribution.

Should you go along on this adventurous evening, you will be taken on a journey through the history of the art form. You'll be treated to the sounds of Tetris and Metroid, Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, all the way up to the joys of Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, Gears of War and Halo. With pieces like the one below on display, how could you possibly not enjoy the evening at hand, regardless of your video gaming background?

Video Games Live will be travelling around the world for the remainder of 2015 and on in 2016, you can check out the tour dates here! We'll be uploading our review of the evening after the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, wrap up on Sunday 29th, in the Tempodrom, in Berlin, Germany.

For fans of the startlingly beautiful music of video games (or great compositions in general), Video Games Live is guaranteed to offer an evening of joy. Be sure to check out their webpage to see if a performance will be making its way to your area. With that, let's finish on one of the most epic compositions to ever grace the video game industry!

"Video game music has grown up. I'm at a concert playing video game music. Who would have predicted it?" - Stan Lee, Comic Book Legend

It is a sign of the ongoing evolution of games, both as entertainment and art." - BBC News


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