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Now, there's already a lot to love about the cast of The CW's The Flash - not least that they star in one of the most entertaining superhero shows around, and seem to be having one hell of a good time doing it.

They're also, though, talented actors away from the confines of network television - and in the case of Jesse L. Martin, who plays Det. Joe West on the show - that includes making his own independent short film: The Letter Carrier.

To fund the musical short - the story of a black family living in seclusion in 1860, with the shadow of slavery hanging over them - Martin and his collaborators Carlos Valdes and Rick Cosnett (both also from The Flash) set-up a Kickstarter for the film.

And then Joss Whedon got involved, and suddenly we had:

Further Proof that Joss Whedon is Magic

Y'see, after Joss donated to the Kickstarter - and knowing him, odds are it was pretty generously - Martin, Valdes and Cosnett decided to acknowledge the awesomeness of his gesture (and the inevitable help to the production that his support would provide through awareness-raising) in the most geekily Whedon-esque way possible: by recording themselves performing the theme tune to the legendary Whedon show Firefly:

To which Joss responded in the only way he knows how: magnificently.

All of which reassures us of two key things:

One - the cast of The Flash sure can sing...


Two - Joss Whedon sure is awesome...

Now, if we could just get a musical episode of The Flash (directed by Joss?) everything would officially be awesome:

In the meantime, though, while we wait patiently for that to happen, you can always get involved in the Flash guys' Kickstarter by clicking right here.

What do you reckon, though?



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