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When Edgar Wright unceremoniously departed Ant-Man last year - leaving behind the best part of a decade's worth of work on the movie - there was a whole lot of fan-anger, some of which has arguably contributed to the surprisingly low levels of anticipation attached to Marvel's next-but-one release.

After all, Wright isn't just a talented director of smart, funny and action-packed movies, he also seemed to be a genuine Ant-Man fan, meaning his departure felt a little like one of our own being let go from the project - a feeling that was heightened for some by the reportedly extensive rewrites Marvel commissioned after he left.

"That's cold, Marv..."
"That's cold, Marv..."

After a tumultuous hiring process, though, Yes Man's Peyton Reed signed on in Wright's stead, and while early buzz remained frosty, a series of promising stills and trailers have gone some way to restoring fan faith in the film.

And, as it happens, the latest word (leaked) out of Marvel might just restore it to its former "WHY ISN'T IT HERE YET" levels: Y'see, it seems that Ant-Man might just have been re-re-written a little, and in the process been taken back a little closer to its roots.

Latino-Review's Umberto Gonzalez is reporting that:

"...what I'm hearing on 's so far is good. They did standard marvel reshoots, but one of the things I heard is that they're making Scott a criminal again with these reshoots - putting back the plot point they originally demanded be cut from Edgar Wright's draft."

Now, seeing as there was a pretty big outcry when Marvel changed the description of Scott Lang from a con-man to a 'master thief,' moving him away from his original comic-book roots, that's got to be a good thing - and one that likely brings the movie back a little closer to the one Edgar Wright would have made.

Though with less Simon Pegg, presumably.
Though with less Simon Pegg, presumably.

And, combined with the recent revelations from Bobby Cannavale - who'll appear in the movie - regarding Ant-Man improvisation...

"Peyton Reed [and the studio], they weren't mercurial about the script. They weren't mercurial about the humor, at all. They let us be in charge of that. We improvised a lot."

... it also suggests we might actually see a much more Edgar Wright-like version of the film than we were previously expecting.

After all, if you add together...

Kinetic Action...

Subtle Comedic Beats...


Comic-Book-Style Insanity...

...then, even without Edgar Wright, we might still see something strikingly close to what he would have made...

Or, at least, here's hoping!

What do you think, though?



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