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So, if you've been watching Arrow, you're probably already well aware of just how awesome Stephen Amell - a.k.a. Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Arrow himself - can seem. He is, after all, a bona fide superhero, and pretty darned plausible in the part.

That, though, could easily be more a mark of talented writers and directors, and our in-built love of superheroics, right?

Well, maybe - but Amell seems to have set out to prove to the world that while his on-screen persona may keep his super-heroism to himself, he has no intention of doing the same with his real-life heroic awesomeness.

Case in point?

Amell Just Gave a Young Girl the Best Birthday Ever

Nope, not Thea...
Nope, not Thea...

Y'see, a young girl named Nataly was having an Arrow-themed birthday party out this week - and being a huge Arrow fan, her party invitations were suitably Arrow-related (and awesome):

Now, that's awesome all by itself - but here's the thing: Nataly's mother sent that image to Stephen Amell himself via Facebook, with the attached caption:

"My soon to be 12 year old asked for an Arrow themed party. Since she's such a great kid, she'll be getting an Arrow themed party. Starting off with an awesome invitation."

And, you suspect, with most famous types, that's about where the awesomeness would end. A like, perhaps - maybe a polite Facebook-comment response - but nothing more.

Stephen Amell, though, isn't most famous people.

And so, this happened:

I mean, honestly, how do you beat having your hero send you an actual, factual happy birthday message?

It's not as if Arrow wasn't already awesome enough...

Nicely played, Stephen. Nicely played...

What do you think, though?



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