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In what is surely good news for both those who loved and those who hated the recent on-screen antics of the classic cartoon legends The Smurfs, Sony have just announced that the perky blue creatures will indeed be returning to the big-screen (in March 2017), but in the form of a reboot of the series.

Intriguingly, the movie also seems set to embrace a very different aesthetic to the previous visit of the comic-originating critters - and to head in a direction much closer to their original comic and cartoon appearances. As Rory Bruer, President of Sony Pictures Entertainment Worldwide Distribution, puts it:

"With a fully animated feature close in tone and design to Peyo’s original creation, we’re embracing everything that has made the Smurfs so special for audiences worldwide"

Or, in other words, we can expect to see a lot less of the blend of live-action and animation of the previous two film installments:

And a whole lot more of the classic, fully-animated approach of the iconic animated series of many of our childhoods:

So, if you loved the previous Smurfs movies? Fear not - more are on there way. And if you hated them? The new reboot - with its more old-school approach - might just have what it takes to win you back over...

What do you reckon, though?

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