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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

With March Madness upon us, the talented folks over at created these BEYOND AWESOME Disney basketball shirts. They adhere to everything I love in fantastic fan creations - tight graphics, tongue-in-cheek humor and in-world references.

Check 'em out, name that movie... and, of course, pick your favorite!

1. The Pleasure Island Monstros

Movie: Pinocchio

2. The Woodland Deer Stalkers

Movie: Bambi

3. The Tea Party Tweedledees

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

4. The Forbidden Mountain Thorn Bushes

Movie: Sleeping Beauty

5. The London Dog Hides

Movie: 101 Dalmations

6. The Sherwood Do-De-Lallies

Movie: Robin Hood

7. The Triton Tridents

Movie: The Little Mermaid

8. The Provincial Town Paragons

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

9. The Agrabah Evil Genies

Movie: Aladdin

10. The Halloweentown Oogies

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

11. The Pridelands Wildebeest

Extra points for good grammar: the plural of Wildebeest is Wildebeest!

Movie: The Lion King

12. The Jamestown Nuggets

Movie: Pocahontas

13. The Paris Hellfires

Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

14. The Xian Lucky Crickets

Movie: Mulan

15. The Snuggly Duckling Dreamers

Movie: Tangled

16. The Arendelle Ice Hearts

Movie: Frozen

How much would you LOVE to own one of these?



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