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As you may remember, I posted a piece a few weeks ago entitled 'the ultimate wedding rings for hardcore movie fans'. While the rings were undoubtedly very cool, I have to admit that there was a little bit of oversight on my part. For the rings did not cater for the most romantically-inclined cinephiles among us: Disney fans! (how could I be so stupid!)

So to make up for it, I'm going to show you one of the most beautiful and loving weddings of all time. Why is it one the most beautiful and loving weddings of all time? Because it's Disney themed of course!

Danielle and Tom got married late last year and spending months meticulously planning and creating the ultimate Disney wedding.

Scroll down to see the stunning pictures from Danielle and Tom's big day.

The bride said,

"Tom and I always knew we would have a Disney-inspired wedding. Sharing a love of Disney is part of what brought us together, and it was important to us to use its influence to begin our 'happily ever after.'"
"Our main concern during planning was that we never wanted our wedding to look overly themed or like a child’s birthday party."
"With that in mind, we chose to show our theme in more subtle ways."
"To honor my favorite princess, Belle, I wore an Alfred Angelo Belle gown with yellow shoes and walked down the aisle to a harpist playing Beauty and the Beast."

How beautiful! Danielle and Andy deserve a lot of credit for managing to give it that big splash of Disney magic without losing any elegance or grace.


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