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Now, when it comes to cosplay, there are a whole lot of insanely talented designers out there, creating a vast range of awesome costumery related to more-or-less any geeky subject you can imagine.

They, though, are doing so while in the possession of opposable thumbs and no desire to sniff anyone else's butt - so imagine how impressive it is when dogs manage to match their already impressive achievements...

That's right - there are a whole lot of awesome canine cosplayers out there - and even if they don't make their own costumes (though I'm still holding out hope for a few of these guys) they're definitely still right up there on the bad-ass cuteness scale.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Harry and Hermione Are Dogged by Controversy

Via Imgur and Imgur

The Incredible Dulk? Hulk-Dog Smash? Take Your Pick...

via Imgur

While Thor and Black Widow Do It Doggy Style

via Imgur and Imgur

Dog or Dog Not, There is No Try

via Imgur

The Dognamic Duo Return

via Imgur

We Head Pug to the Future

via Imgur

This One's a Real Salty Sea-Dog

via Imgur

And, of course:

The Spectacular Spider-Dog

via Imgur

What do you think, though?

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