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Quincy Jackson

Last time I did this article no one even noticed it. This is my do-over.A Lucifer movie should be made. It's only fair cause Jesus has too many movies. That my broken excuse for the moment. My other interest in the subject is from the social point.I mean in how it plays out in our world. I am well aware that the many movies about or dealing with the devil have been made. I think it would be a nice change to look at the world from devils point view literally. Bible aspects can be incorporated but should not be the basis of the story.Its should be kept open so it does not seem one sided. I guess I am saying let us give the figure a voice. Let's make it fun and interesting. There is a book called Wicked but from of the Wicked Witch of the West point of view. I want to see something like that but dealing with the devil. All comments are welcome as long as it is not spam.


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