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Cosplay has become a huge deal in recent years. Cosplaying as one of your heroes is an incredible feat. I have put together a list of five incredible Spider-Man cosplayers that bring to life the Amazing Spider-Man.

Spidey #1 - Oliver Marriott a.k.a. iammarriott on Instagram

Our first Spidey is Oliver Marriott, who shows off some very professional and flawless photos on his page. He is also an actor & a singer.

His passion and drive is shown off in the images above, an incredible and talented cosplayer who wears the red and blue with pride.

Spidey #2 Luc Luzzo a.k.a. bboyspiderman on Instagram

Luc Luzzo has become a very popular cosplayer in the last couple of years, and you can usually find him around the Northern California Cons. He also shows off the process of becoming Spidey and has fun doing it.

His passion and dedication for cosplay grows everyday, and he is also a very skilled contemporary hip-hop dancer. So give him a follow and tag along with his adventures.

Spidey #3 Andy Bell a.k.a. glasgow_spidey on Instagram

Andy Bell, the Spidey in Scotland, is a one of a kind and talented Spider-Man. Andy burst onto the scene back in 2014, just a guy who had lots of love for his favorite wall crawling hero who wanted to make kids and adults alike smile.

Andy also does a great Batman cosplay, and all the pictures can be seen on his official Instagram and Facebook page. There are no limits for this cosplayer.

Spidey #4 Tyler Scott Hoover a.k.a. tstunningspidey on Instagram

Mr. Hoover was initially a very talented breakdancer before he implemented his acrobatic moves into his Spider-Man cosplay. You can pick him right out of a crowd of cosplayers, he'll be the one doing insane backflips and b-boy moves.
Also he has to be one of the best Ben Riley Spider-Man cosplayers I have ever seen.

tstunningspidey is his handle on Instagram. Go show this guy some love and give him a follow, as there is lots of fun to be had with him.

Spidey #5 Name Unknown a.k.a. spideyfit on Instagram

Our final cosplayer is known only as Spideyfit by his handle on Instagram. His real name in unknown as of now, but I think he wants it that way.

Spideyfit wants to represent what it means to be Spider-Man and to be a cosplayer in general. Spideyfit is also very dedicated to hitting the gym and getting that impressive Spider-Man physique. He gives pro tips and tricks to becoming the best person and/or cosplayer you can be.

And there you go, guys! Five incredible Spidey cosplayers that I am a personal fan of. Go show them some love and encouragement on their official profiles. And until next time everybody, you can be whoever you want to be - G4L : D


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