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Who could've guessed that 25 years ago a modern day Cinderella story would become a cultural phenomenon? Pretty Woman may have premiered a quarter of a century ago, but if the iconic love story and quotable lines are any indication, it's never been far from our minds. The movie helped launch a new generation of romantic comedies and confirmed Julia Roberts as a major star.

For a point of reference, how many times have you seen this scene referenced or parodied since the movie's release?

Now that Pretty Woman is celebrating 25 years of glory, what better way to honor it than with a look at how time has flown. Without further ado, here's the Pretty Woman cast then and now.

Edward Lewis - Richard Gere

After getting the girl of his dreams, Richard Gere went on to maintain a stellar career in Hollywood. These days, he can be seen in [The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel](movie:709381), [Franny](movie:1127608), and Oppenheimer Strategies.

Vivian Ward - Julia Roberts

The textbook "hooker with a heart of gold" went on to become America's Sweetheart, nabbing an Oscar and high-priced pay checks in the process. After her astounding turn as a wheelchair-bound physician in [The Normal Heart](movie:885778), Roberts will act alongside Nicole Kidman in The Secret in Their Eyes and star in Jodie Foster-led [Money Monster](movie:1412166).

Philip Stuckey - Jason Alexander

It's hard to imagine anyone worse than Philip Stuckey, who embodied the despicable corporate greed that Edward Lewis was fortunate enough to avoid. Since playing another supposedly unlikeable character, George, in Seinfeld, Jason Alexander can be seen next in [Wild Card](movie:357533) and Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant.

Kit De Luca - Laura San Giacomo

Kit was the hardboiled, sharp-tongued prostitute who eventually planned for a life off the streets with a little help from Vivian. Laura San Giacomo eventually snagged a lead role in the long-running sitcom Just Shoot Me, and next up she'll be starring in the comedy Enough About Jack.

David Morse - Alex Hyde-White

David Morse was being groomed to take over his father's company and took a special liking to Vivian. Following Pretty Woman, Alex Hyde-White has racked up many guest roles on TV, recently appearing as Senator Lindsey Graham in Game Change.

Elizabeth Stuckey - Amy Yasbeck

Deep down, I will always love Amy Yasbeck for being involved in two of my guilty pleasures: Problem Child and Problem Child 2. Later she went on to appear in The Mask, Catch Me If You Can, and, most recently, an episode of [Workaholics](series:720998).

Barney Thompson - Hector Elizondo

Hector Elizondo has made a career out of playing the initially stuffy guy who eventually wins you over. Look no further than The Princess Diaries for proof. These days, catch him on Last Man Standing with Tim Allen and in Max and Me in 2016.

What's your favorite scene in Pretty Woman?


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