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The popular British series '[Downton Abbey](series:251870)' will end with its sixth season, which will air in the US at the beginning of 2016, the producers confirmed.

The series finale will be aired in UK on Christmas 2015.

We believe it is best to stop while we're at the peak.

... said Gareth Neame, the executive producer.

We think that the series is in a good state, scripts that we are working on for the next season are fantastic and the show is popular worldwide. But the dangers with these kinds of things are that you let them go indefinitely.

... he said. Neame reported that the decision to end the series has also been brought by Julian Fellowes (who created the series and wrote each episode), together with the actors.

When asked the question about the rumors of shooting a full-length film 'Downtown Abbey', Neame said that it would be incredibly fun to do such a thing, but that he doesn't have anything similar in plans.

The popular drama series follows the story of an aristocratic family Crawly and their butlers, in the midst of social turmoil in England, before the World War I and during the 1920s, and shows how characters of different societal classes are facing the world which changes quickly.

Among the stars of the show are Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern and Maggie Smith.

The show began broadcasting on the British television ITV in 2010, and on the American PBS at the beginning of 2011. The show was partially inspired by Robert Altman's film from 2001, 'Gosford Park', for which Fellowes wrote the script. This show was portrayed as a variation of the classical British series 'Upstairs Downstairs' and 'Let's Not Forget', said Neame.

He said that, when they began the series production, they believed the show was probably going to have success in Britain, and that soon after it became popular everywhere in the world.

In UK, "Downtown" became the most watched series in the last decade, with averagely 11 million viewers during the five seasons.

The fifth season, which ended at the beginning of this month in the US, had the average audience size of around 12.9 million viewers.

We didn't know we would spread to 250 territories of the world. We also didn't know we would be one of the biggest series on the American television. We would be completely satisfied if we even lasted for about three seasons, and ended there.

... he said. Neame admitted that there is a temptation to continue such a project indefinitely.

The production of the next and the last season, consisting of 13 episodes, is in the works, but he didn't wan't to uncover any details, except that all the current characters will return with the satisfactory outcome in the end.

We are thinking about how each of the characters will end their stories. What will become of the poor Edith, will Anna and Bates ever have luck, people want to know those things.

... said Neame. He also said that, although the decision to end "Downtown" was brought in a single process with much debate, now that it has become an official one, it is a very emotional day for people involved in the show's making.


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