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These are some theories I have that I have not had time to fully flesh iut

The Eye of Agamotto is an Infinity Stone

How else could you introduce the eye and make Doctor Strange have a large part? Make the Eye of Agamotto the Reality Stone

Martian Manhunter is in the first Justice League movie, and they won't introduce Green Lantern until Part 2 or his solo film

To avoid the horrible rep that Green Lantern has, why not put him off for a little bit. I don't think this will happen, but I want it to.

Days of Future Past was the beginning of a soft reboot for the X-Men films

Please! With certain things being erased and changed, why not?

Mystique was Stryker when Wolverine got his Adamantium

I wonder what she'll do next?

They are killing off Arrow characters for the Suicide Squad movie

As we saw on last week's Arrow, Deadshot sacrificed himself for Task Force X (The Suicice Squad) or did he sacrifice himself for Will Smith?

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that Arrow can not use Harley Quinn again. Here is what he said

Between Gotham and Margot Robbie playing her in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, the closest we could come is the 'wink and a nod' from last season,"

So my question is, what will happen to Amanda Waller?

Lex Luthor privately funds Argus or whatever Amanda Waller runs

That explains his alleged involvement with the Suicide Squad

The Rogues will be fully assembled during the Spin-Off Flarrow show

That would be sick! Captain Cold, Heatwave, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, the new Trickster, Harley Rathaway, maybe Grodd, and some more

Skye will be the reason for Civil War

She can earthquake a city and that causes the Superhero Registration Act


AND I AM DONE (takes a bow)

See you next time, true believers!


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