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I'm a huge Spider-man fan, and as a Spider-man fan, i must say, that The Amazing Spider-man 2 (even though it wasnt the worst super-hero movie) sucked real bad. Don't take me wrong, i really liked the cast, i love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone together, in the movies and in real life. I loved to see Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn, but as Green Goblin... No way!! I love him as an actor (specially in Chronicle) but as Green Goblin... No way!!! I don't think they should have killed Gwen already, they should have done a trilogy, but ok Sony, you were the boss...

Now things have changed and we have Sony and Marvel together, to get Spider-man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And then we'll have a Spider-man reboot, wich i can't wait to see!!!

I love the Ultimate Spider-man and i would like to see a movie about that Spider-man version.

So here's my casting to a perfect Spider-man movie.

Peter Parker/Spider-man

The one that a huge amount of fans also wanted (due to his great job in The Maze Runner probably. I loved that movie!!)

Dylan O'Brien

I don't know what your saying but i bet your right.
I don't know what your saying but i bet your right.

Hey look, its Peter Parker.

Unfortunatly Dylan said he wasn't going for the part, so i don't know if he will ever be our favorite webb-crawler.

For now is Tom Holland.

Mary Jane Watson

She was supposed to appear in the last Spider-man movie but she was cut, and recently she said she would like to play Mary Jane again so... I wanna see her in Spidey's Universe

Shailene Woodley

I know many of you don't want her as Mary but i like her.

Aunt May

I don't know what she thinks or even if she has ever thought of this but, i think she would be nice

Maggie Smith

She's adorable.

For now is Marisa Tomei??

Uncle Ben

This is a hard choise because he dies right in the beginning, so i understand if your not happy with this characters choise.

Tom Wilkinson

That's exactly what you would ask Peter.
That's exactly what you would ask Peter.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Another hard choise because he becomes this:

I think that...

Ralph Fiennes

More known to the young ones as:

What you think?

Gwen Stacy

It's a hard choise since i love Gwen. But since it's not Emma Stone...

Cara Delevigne


Harry Osborn

To me he would be perfect!!

Logan Lerman

I love this actor.

J.Jonah Jameson

There's only one actor who could play him.

J.K. Simmons

Love him.

But he betrayed Marvel . . . he's in DC as Comissionaire Gordon now.

Believe it or not in this comics after Peter and Mary brake up, Peter starts dating...

Kitty Pryde

And who should play her?

I don't know, honestly, so im going with...

Dianna Agron

She looks just like a young Kitty Pride.

Felicia Hardy/ The Black Cat

In my opinion the perfect actress to play her is...

Natalie Dormer

You cant change my mind on this one.

Curt Connors/ The Lizard

I honestly think that...

...Kevin Spacey...

...would make a pretty good Dr.Connors.


There are a few comics where she appears with Spider-man, and i have a person that would be good or great for the role.

Alexandra Daddario

Doctor Octopus

I think it would be interesting to see...

Jeff Goldblum


Eddie Brock/Venom

I love Venom so it is hard to choose, but maybe... Bane itself.

Tom Hardy

What about that, hum?


This is my favorite comic villain of all time, so it's one of my hardest choices..

Matthew Lillard

He can definetly play maniac, and now he looks more mature and i think he can definetly man up for the role.

I would also like Jim Carrey for the role.


I love the Rhino costume in Ultimate Spider-man, so i would like it to be

Woodley Harrelson

But only because it's a man inside a Rhino machine and not a huge man dressed as a Rhino.

I could continue, but you would be even more annoyed so...

see you later!!


Did you like this casting?


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