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Lately we've discovered that we absolutely cannot stop saying the word AWESOME here at Moviepilot. I say the Creators are to blame, because week after week you guys keep giving us reasons to say it! So without any further introduction, here are 10 AWESOME posts from brand new creators that you might have missed this week. Check them out, and show some love to these awesome (there it is again) guys and gals.

A Series of SUPER Silhouettes

Nature meets superhero in these amazing fan art creations. Who would've thought silhouettes could be so insanely beautiful, and soothing? Does anyone else feel a lot calmer when looking at these pieces? Artist Adrian Poon has definitely succeeded in capturing these fan favourites in the most natural way possible, literally. Be sure to check out this new artistic take on Batman, The Flash, Spider-Man and many others right here: Superhero Silhouettes Part 1.

Saul Goodman DEMANDS Your Viewership!

Go watch Better Call Saul.....I shouldn't have to say more than that. However, in case you’re on the fence about it being a Breaking Bad spin-off and therefore could not possibly compare, this review should shed some light on things. Haydi Hardy shows how this chapter in Jimmy McGills (i.e. Saul Goodman) life is as intriguing as the material from which it came.

POP QUIZ: Which Game of Thrones Character Are YOU?

Who doesn't love Game of Thrones! Right? So it's only natural for us to want to know which main character we'd be. You know, in case any of the cast members ever needed to be replaced and we so happen to be there. Who do you want to see sitting on the Iron Throne by the end of the series and who is your favourite minor character on the show? Take the quiz: "Which Main Character Would You Be on Game of Thrones", and find out which GoT character is most like you!

Director Portraits: A Tribute To The Masters of Film

We often give credit to the legends of film making with the occasional shoutout tweet, tribunal blogpost or something of the like. We all show our love for the greats at different times and in different ways. This collaboration effort between Steffen Heidemann, Viktoria Klein and Julian Rentzsch, however, is not just another tribute effort, but is a true labor of love. Check out these incredible 'Movie Director Portrait Prints', and show some love for their creators as well.

Who Is The Most Efficient Horror Villain?

Who is deadliest and most lethal of all the villains? This is an ongoing debate in the horror community that to be honest, will most likely never end. Now, this is an important topic of conversation so we can't just leave it up to everyones own subjectivity, right? Well, luckily for us Matthew McGuinness has done all the work for us and has compiled a list of the most efficient killers in the game with detailed statistics included. Check it out, and find out who is the most precise when it comes to bringing the pain.

Traveling Across The Mizayaki Universe

Those of us familiar with The Pixar Theory, a thesis exploring the possibility of all Pixar movies happening within the same shared universe, have been eager to see if the same idea can be applied to the work of Studio Ghibli, Asia's counterpart to Disney. In this ambitious first post, Creator Nolan Rhys Elias explores the possibility and although it may not be fool-proof, it is a great effort and certainly worth reading.

This Iron Man Cosplay Would Even Make RDJ Proud

Creator Vinay Tankoliya has taken cosplay to another level with his incredibly accurate recreation of Iron Man's MK-6 suit. His skills, shown in his videos and photographs, must been seen to be believed!

To Anyone Who Ever Said Bread Was Boring, You Were Wrong.. So Wrong

Do you like bread? Do you like your bread to be sexy? If the answer to that questions is yes, maybe you should go do something about that first. No matter what your answer, you’re sure to enjoy this gameplay of Bread Simulator by Nancha Rancha. If this video isn’t enough, check out his whole library of hilarious videos!

Pop Culture Mashed Up and Made to Enjoy

Moviepilot newbie, illustrator and graphic artist Anderson Silva has delivered his first post with fantastic pop culture mashups! Using a mixture of street art, comic art, and stencil, Silva has captured the campy essence of 80s movie posters.

8 Movies That Could Be.. Sequels?

If you're anything like me, you may have at some point thought you were tuning into zombie epidemic thriller, 28 Days Later but ended up inexplicably watching the rehab comedy 28 Days (I misread the TV Guide, ok!). First time poster Kevin Stuczynski, has paired up movies with their possible sequels. The great part is that they are two completely different films.

That's a wrap for this week you guys, we hope you enjoyed! Make sure to show these new creators some love, and if you haven't had your fill, check out our Facebook Creators Page for more great creator posts. In the meantime, have a great weekend and keep making AWESOME content!

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