ByAnver K Rahman, writer at
I have been friend zoned too many times.
Anver K Rahman

I was scrolling through Twitter, totally bored. And then BAM! This picture appears. You all maybe be thinking it's awesome flash, arrow and firestorm together. But there's more to that picture than that. First we all can see that the arrow, flash and firestorm will be fighting the reverse flash and it looks like cisco is alive, and also looks like Eobard has revealed himself. Another important thing is that it looks like Arrow is in league of assassin's uniform (Don't dare to call them costumes). Which means only one thing Oliver queen has taken the position and Ra's al ghul. I also think that maybe queen is training to be better than ever so that he can be a you know a good Ra's. BTW is picture is maybe from flash season finale. What will happen to Arrow? What will happen to Flash? How good will the team up go? We just have to wait.


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