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We live in the twenty first century, a world where science fiction's wildest ideas have become a daily reality. This is a world where the entirety of human knowledge can be carried around in our pockets and where traveling halfway across the world in a day is the norm. With hover crafts and driver less cars rumored to debut in the near future, what other mind boggling sci-fi caliber devices can we play around with in the mean time?

Virtual reality devices have officially become the latest toy techies can enjoy without breaking the bank! While Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus will soon be offering high tech, fully immersive virtual reality head sets for gaming enthusiasts, Google already offers a wallet friendly version of the VR experience. Although the Google Cardboard device officially launched in June 2014, Samsung Electronics America recently partnered with Lionsgate Studios to create a special VR experience for fans desperate to jump into the world of the Divergent Series!

How do you get your own Google Cardboard, though? You can always purchase a pre-folded headset for as low as $14.95, or you can even make your own! While Google originally designed the Cardboard, there is no official vendor or manufacturer for the VR device, so Google freely provides the instructions for anyone who wants to build their own! Just grab a few pieces of velcro, some magnets, a rubber band, and a bit of cardboard, and you're ready to go! (Click here for an instructional video on how to set up your own Google Cardboard.)

Don't let the headset's simplistic design and literal cardboard exterior fool you, though! Google Cardboard has the power to transport you straight into another world! Once you're ready, simply download the Insurgent VR app from the app store and prepare to enter the world of Divergent's Insurgent!

When you enter the virtual reality experience, you are faced with Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews, who is forcing you, a Divergent, to undergo a series of simulations that test your abilities in all five factions and, hence, the extent of your divergence. However, don't be fooled. The tests may be virtual, but the intensity and danger are very real.

Prepare to encounter your worst fears as well as face old enemies (allies?)...

Would I recommend the Google Cardboard? 100% yes! The experience is absolutely incredibly, albeit, somewhat disorienting at first! Even if you aren't a Divergent fan, the app store offers several VR experiences, so I'm sure everyone can find something they will enjoy! Not only is the Cardboard fun to simply play around with, but it will likely transform the way that studios promote their films. So prepare yourself for a whole lot more awesome virtual reality experiences to come!


Will you be making/ purchasing your own Google Cardboard anytime soon?


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