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The conclusion to God of War 3 has, for the time being, ambiguously concluded the journey of Kratos. The ending can indeed be left to player interpretation, though it certainly suggests that we won't be seeing anymore God of War games with Kratos at the helm...or will we?

Santa Monica Studios have baffled and amazed us with their stories before, so seeing Kratos get back up for God of War 4 on the PS4 wouldn't seem so impossible for the man that killed Zeus. But in the event that we won't be seeing this furious man in God of War 4, who could take his place? A character from Greek mythology or a totally new protagonist?

God of War 4
God of War 4

God of War 4 - Is it God of War Without Kratos?

Kratos and his never-ending fury is one of the key aspects of [God of War](movie:449823). His total lack of empathy for bystanders (especially the Captain of the ship seen in God of War: "NO! Not you again!!"), is what makes this man one of the true badasses of video games. He defined the games as much as the incredible set pieces.

Therefore, saying goodbye for God of War 4 will certainly be challenging. Though the remastered release of God of War 3 on the PS4 may be gearing us up for his return in God of War 4 later this year. But if he isn't, who would you like to see take his place? Who's anger could possibly match that of the man turned god?!

God of War 4
God of War 4

God of War 4 - Who Could Take Kratos' Place?

Additionally it's going to be hard to find a voice actor who can match the intensity and strength of Terrence C. Carson. The man has depicted Kratos in every episode of the series, and it'd be sad to see him go. Now, of course, Kratos was a character that was invented and placed within Greek mythology by Santa Monica Studios. He has no relation to this world.

However, in Greek mythology, Kratos or Cratus (Ancient Greek: Κράτος, English translation: "power") is the son of Pallas and Styx and the personification of strength and power. Kratos and his siblings—Nike ("victory"), Bia ("force"), and Zelus ("zeal")—are the winged enforcers (sky tides) of the Olympian God Zeus.

God of War 4
God of War 4

So his name certainly has its origins, but the actual character doesn't. Having only read The Odyssey, The Iliad and Oedipus, my knowledge of Greek Mythology is fairly limited. Is there anyone that could match the strength of this man that exists within the context of this universe (and Kratos hasn't killed)?

Let us know what you'd like from God of War 4 in the comments and whether you think Kratos could be replaced in God of War on the PS4!


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