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Sony and Marvel blew everyone's minds a couple of months ago with the news that our wall crawling webhead would be back with Marvel. Most likely, We will see Spiderman first appear in Captain America: Civil War. But a problem comes with that.

What role will Spiderman play in Civil War?

You guys by now are all yelling at me saying, "The role he played in the comics, duh!" Well, that is a logical answer, but if he does that gives us a problem for Spiderman's solo film. Why, you ask. Well, here's why.

If Spiderman reveals his secret identity in Captain America: Civil War, then we don't need a solo film for him.

Now I realize that I'm making a bold statement, but let me explain before you click off. Still with me? Great! Now, as I was saying, if Spiderman reveals his secret identity, then everyone will know who he is. Which means that a teenage Peter Parker would know that if he did that all his enemies would go after the people he loves and get to Spiderman's heart, giving the villain the advantage. So for that reason, I believe that Marvel should not let Spiderman get caught in the middle of the two sides. Just put him on Captain America's side in the beginning.

Should anyone get caught in the middle of the two sides?

I think we need someone to take over that role, but who? The answer, Black Panther. Just like he was rumored to before. And it doesn't pose a problem for Black Panther's solo film, as far as I can see. Please tell me if you find a problem.

So, do you agree should Spiderman have a different role in Captain America: Civil War, or no? Please comment below and share your opinions. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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