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Michael Clark Daversa

Q1: What are your plans for The Outsider? Is it a TV series, video game, YouTube Movie?

A1: "My plans have always came off as very ambitious. I always wanted to do a little of everything. The best way I feel to be successful is to reach any and all audiences in one way or another. I have never wanted the characters to be limited. But I would love to have Video Games, Movies, Television Series', Comic Books not just for Outsider but for various characters like Infantry, Night Prowler and the list goes on."

Q2: "What is the role that you hope for 'The Outsider' or that you hope any of your characters in the future?"

A2: "The Role I wish for them to play would be a very big one everyone in this day and age knows a certain comic book character the Superman symbol is almost Universal. That is inspiring to me and while I am not where I want to be necessarily. I want to have 'Outsider Universe' up there in the same category as the DC or Marvel Universe. Above all else I hope that people can be inspired and make them feel attachment to the stories and characters. A good film, show, comic book, or anything that is used for entertainment will make you feel and manipulate your feelings in a sense that over all is what I hope to do. But also to make people believe in hope again."

Q3: "As for 'The Outsider' Facebook page; many have wondered about why there are massive amounts of likes for the page but the status' don't get but a small like target range?"

A3: "After getting up to 10K likes I noticed that and it took me some time to figure out the issue and now we are at 51K and I have learned that the Facebook posts on the page reach a small portion of the people that are Likes on the page. On the side there is a boost post icon on the bottom right of every post if you have a page. Most of these pages that promote or advertise their page pay and have a sponsored logo at the bottom. I can't necessarily afford to boost posts and everything else on the page so that would just mean I reach 100 people or less a majority of the time on The Outsider page. This is a way for Facebook to make money so it is what it is there is no way around it."

Q4: "Some of us got an idea of who the character is but who is Michael Daversa the creator? What does the name mean to you?"

A4: "At an early age I began living with my aunt for personal reasons. This affected me in a way. Like any child you want your parents but living with her I felt more alone honestly. I was never one of the "popular" kids I felt much like I was an Outsider in a sense. I had a small group of friends like Frank West and Sal leading into High school I became a little different where it didn't matter to me. The name derives from my personal feelings living with my aunt. Now as far as my personality I have never really felt like I was anything like everyone else certain people if they saw a person who needed help would turn away those people and turn a blind eye. The name I adopted in High School partially for my attitude towards helping people was Superman. [I also wore a lot of red blue and black too]. I work out every night or at least try to push up crunches etc. I would like to think I'm a compassionate, and caring. I have my faults and I'm far from perfect but like the character I never expect more from people than I do from myself. I am a college student currently taking up Business Marketing and Film Studies.

Q5: You said you and the character have similarities what do you feel is similar and what do you feel is different when it comes to Michael Daversa and The Outsider?

A5: "That's a tough one. We follow our own rules I think with both of us people see a certain mystery. I would say our personality and actions for the most part are similar and the things I would do. I have a very serious personality but i don't mind laughing either. Differences he would be probably more of a ladies man than me. In my case most of the time when I liked a girl it didn't go that well for me with one exception my current girlfriend of three years Liv. Girls fall for The Outsider not Michael the creator or actor [Laughing]."

Q6: What is the character of Michael Daversa like on the Outsider?

A6: The character is kind to an extent, compassionate, caring, fights for what he believes. Dedicated and secretive at times he can come off as mysterious. He is one of those people that's not always there when you want but is always there when you need. The character is darker and grittier. Michael Daversa is a mix of the Batman, and Superman which most comic characters to this day derive from there. He is a very happy medium of the two so for you ladies out there who like tall dark and mysterious [laughing]. There are two different Outsider universes "Outsider X" which is the universe where the powers are the way they were originally intended. "Ultimate Outsider" is a universe grounded more in our reality with a powered down version of the characters. So the powers aren't as "overpowered" as certain people probably feel while still being powerful and a compelling story.

Q7: If Outsider could be a part of the Marvel or DC Universe what would you choose?

A7: If either one offered us that opportunity it would be an honor and an achievement by far. Personally however I would choose DC. I am a big fan of DC i love the characters and always have. They are iconic and there is just something i would feel Legendary standing beside someone like Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. That and I love Arrow, and The Flash, Smallville which was what inspired me to start The Outsider as a TV Series essentially so DC for me Frank West would say Marvel so its torn.

Q8: So what are you doing with Outsider and the characters at the moment?

A8: Currently there I am working on multiple television series' "The Outsider" the series would tell the tales of the vigilante leading into a amazing final battle which was a ten year long series. "The Night Prowler" coincides in the same universe as the Outsider. The series focuses on the Night Prowler and his adventures. Then there is the prequel "The Outsider: Origins" which is the latest addition to my project list as a television series. There are others like "The Outlawed" a project focused primarily on a team of anti-heroes and villains. just a concept so far. What I do is I type the episodes in an episode guide format. I write.

S00E00. Episode Title- then what happens in the episode.

Night Prowler I have done five seasons so far. Outsider Origins is about three and The Outsider I finished with ten seasons. At this moment I tweaking and and working out the kinks as well as trying to get the idea and concepts out there. To build a larger fan base and get more traction we are starting The Outsider Exodus. Originally was set to be filmed as a YouTube Movie but will be a YouTube mini-series. A lot of time has been spent saving and gathering money for camera's costuming and stuff which so far has come out of pocket. I need to try to get people to donate however to make the film as professional looking as possible and step up our resources overall.

Q9: Do you have a lot of people who support or discourage you in the journey of writing The Outsider?

A9: I have had a lot of both in my life. Before making the page I had friends support it. Family members not so much. It was seen as childish or a waste of time. I had certain people I'd rather not mention names try to discourage and mock my concept for years but that was virtually anything I did. If I was able to draw my aunt would mock it and say I drew the same thing over and over again and to some extent it was because I was a perfectionist. So more of my life I was discouraged and told my stories weren't good. I used to sing and that kind of was discouraged slightly. I have family more so than peers that mock it. Occasionally I'd get people taking pot shots but with every pot shot that is taken it comes with the territory. With the pot shots you get people who also send mail to the page and comment voicing their support. Sometimes hearing that someone has been inspired or is driven to do what I do it inspires me to keep going and ignore the "haters". It is far from being easy but in our generation we have people who rather than create things we have a generation filled with internet blogger critics that would tear down any and everything they see so haters will hate. The people that support will forever outshine the negative people.

Q10: "Last question, What is the biggest challenge that you personally feel and do you feel you struggle with the same challenges?

A10: "I feel his biggest challenge is the feeling like he doesn't fit in anywhere and that struggle of him being different and trying to protect people by letting them in is part of the challenge day to day. His questioning sometimes of am I doing the right thing. As a hero diving into their physic-hie it would be natural for you to struggle with doubt, and live knowing your decisions can change lives and are life or death. Ultimately the character is sent to destroy so to battle this nature and fear becoming just that is a challenge for him. I live with some of these challenges everyday but what makes a hero is that he can rise above it. That he isn't tainted by this but fights to protect people. There is always a part of you as a person that has to battle his personal demons. In a sense his power isn't what makes him relate-able its his personality and the drive to do the right thing that should be, the desire to help people should be in all of us and should overpower any and everything and I believe that whole heartedly."


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