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I'm sorry if that title was a little bit misleading. This is not an article on Back to the Future. I literally want to go back to the future.

No, I'm not a time traveler, though that'd be awesome. I'm simply talking about my all time favorite family from the future!

No not that family, though they're pretty great, too.

That's right! The Robinsons from Meet the Robinsons (2007). This family was awesome. It was so strange, fun and quirky that it made me upset I didn't have a octopus doorman named Lefty. Or a pet T-Rex named Tiny. Or a band of frogs lead by one named Frankie. Or a robot butler that had to do everything I said and was almost a better version of C-3P0 (I said almost).

This family is awesome and they are the face of the future. Literally, their family - specifically Lewis (AKA Cornelius) - is the reason the world is the way it is. Lewis is a genius that made the entire future a possibility.

He also made an evil bowler hat that was hell-bent on destroying the world. But you know what, he learned a valuable lesson from his best friend turned arch rival and future son and decided never to make the hat, also known as Doris (DOR-15).

So the movie gets all wrapped up and ends wonderfully. And then the rest of the world moved on with their lives.

I was one of these people until I was sitting with a few of my friends eating lunch. We're talking about our favorite childhood movies and at one point, my friend Sammi says "What ever happened to the Robinsons?"

When she explained herself a little more, she goes on to say "Well, we've already met the Robinsons. Why wasn't there a sequel? Like Keeping up With the Robinsons?"

Cue light bulb.

Now I know what you're thinking, Meet the Robinsons was wrapped up so nicely. Goob wasn't a villain. He won the baseball game in fact. Lewis was adopted. Lewis started a flirtation with Fanny. And he started inventing again.

There kind of was no sort of conflict for them to develop to make a sequel. And Disney keeps striking out with their sequels. Brother Bear 2, Aladdin: Jafar's Return, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride just to name a few. Though arguably great movies in their own right, when compared to the originals they're a little disappointing.

So, for this endeavor into a sequel for Meet the Robinsons, I started thinking. And I have 5 plots for a possible sequel, for our Keeping up with the Robinsons (honestly, I hope Disney sees this just because the name was genius, thank you Sammi).

1. Wilbur's adventures

He is probably the number one reason I enjoyed this movie. Actually, he's the number one reason this movie even happened. If he hadn't been dumb and reckless, bowler hat guy (Goob) never would've gotten the time machine in the first place.

So I want to see Wilbur messing up more. Wilbur's a great kid with a wide imagination and a lot at his disposal. But he's still just a kid. He's still going to make mistakes. He is still going to cause enough conflicts on his own to keep an entire movie running.

Also, he could spend the whole time keeping the truth from Franny and Cornelius. The only other person to know - outside a friend or two - would be Carl, the robot butler.

Wilbur could accidentally activate dangerous inventions while trying to show off. This could result in an apocalypse that he has to solve somehow, but Cornelius refuses to let him near the time machines ever, so it doesn't happen. Instead, he has to use other inventions we've yet to see to stop the machines he accidentally turned on.

2. Bowler Hat Guy (Goob) and Lewis (Cornelius) growing up together

I want to see an older Goob that isn't evil. He might still be insane, boy I sure hope he's still insane because that's what made him awesome. And a Lewis who saw the evil within Goob would be both trusting cautious around his life long friend.

Something could go missing from Lewis's lab and he'd blame Goob because he knows what he is capable of. Now whether Goob actually stole it or not is up in the air. Whichever way it goes would be splendid.

Goob did steal it, but not for evil capabilities. He stole it to help someone and then it got taken from him, so he played it off like he didn't.

Or he stole it because he is evil, and the whole time we, as the audience, don't think it's him. We've already seen him as the bad guy once.

Or he didn't steal it and their friendship gets put on the line. And it might push Goob over the edge and he no longer associates with the Robinsons possibly becoming an evil similar to Syndrome from The Incredibles.

3. A family outing gone awry

Lewis and Franny might try and do something nice for the family, return them to their roots. Wilbur, is not having it though.

He brings some toys and something goes wrong. The toys he brought were experimental tech that backfired. Not Doris style, but still not exactly safe. So now the family has to get together to stop the tech from ruining the camping trip, not only for them but the others there.

And then they find out someone had hacked into the toys, into the inventions and remotely used them to bring about Lewis's downfall because, why not? Maybe some angry intern wanting to get revenge.

4. Apocalypse on some sort

We've seen the world at its prime and we've seen the world at its fall. I want to jump ahead in the timeline, even farther than before. To when Wilbur is older and things are not looking good.

Whether this was caused by another of Lewis's inventions or it came from nuclear testing or some other human activity, the world is now in an apocalypse that no time machine can fix. The Robinsons have tried. Numerous times. And each time, it made it worse.

Now, years later, most of the family is missing. The only ones left are an aging Lewis, a young Wilbur, Franny, Lizzy, and Stanley. The rest of the family is never revealed to be dead or just missing. However it turns out, these five are the only family members we see.

They're also fugitives hiding out from under a new power that has risen up.

Lewis decides the only way to stop this new power is with another evil he'd forgotten about, almost as if it were a dream. DOR-15. Franny was only told bits and pieces of this evil and tries to convince him not to.

They turn to Goob who could be an upstanding member of this new society. Being an old friend, he aids in their endeavors and they recreate (in this timeline they're actually creating) DOR-15 hoping that it will not backfire again.

Think X-Men: Days of Future Past only more kid friendly and with a more clear cut villain.

5. How We Met Lewis's Mother

Yes. That's right. This is what I want.

This is one question I've always wanted the answer to. I know Lewis moved on from it, but I did not. Just like with Zuko's mom from Avatar: The Last Airbender, I need to know.

Okay, I don't "need" to know, but I really want to.

So, here's what I'm picturing. An elderly woman walks up to the Robinson house and meets Wilbur. He takes her inside and is a complete gentleman (which is very out of character).

She gets introduced to everyone and they are all very nice to her. Just like they were with Lewis. Friendly, loving and kind. She's enjoying herself, laughing and having quite a grand old time.

She then sees Cornelius, stares at him for a little while unable to speak. She excuses herself and leaves. Confused, the family later talks about it. And guess who decides to go investigate?

That's right, Wilbur.

He goes and he finds the woman near the old orphanage where Cornelius/Lewis grew up. She then tells her story and he realizes that she is his grandmother. But she tells him not to tell his father.

Things escalate as Wilbur gets himself and the woman into trouble. They could get kidnapped and used for ransom. The two never reunite with the Robinsons until the end. All the while Wilbur convinces her to tell his father the truth.

We get to the end and Wilbur and the old woman meet again with Cornelius. Wilbur hugs his family and the old woman kind of stands off to the side awkwardly.

She then introduces herself and Lewis breaks down.

Throughout the movie, we could be given flashbacks into why she abandoned Lewis and left him at the orphanage. Who his father is. Why she couldn't keep him. All those other things that we all desperately want to know.

What do you think? Is this possible? Are any of these good ideas? Do you have any other ideas?


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