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As we await the Batman v Superman trailer (or the Batman vs. Superman trailer) that will break the internet in four, it’s clear that even if we don’t know much about the film’s plot, there are elements we can surmise, not only from the first DC Cinematic movie, Man of Steel, but also from all the rumors that have been floating around. Most of all, if logic prevails, we WILL definitely see the following five plot points:

1. Zod’s body

As I said in my previous article on the subject (here), Zod’s body will definitely be one of the major plot points of the movie, if not its MacGuffin. Not only do the screenwriters want to answer elements from the previous movie about why Superman would kill Zod, or how that will affect him (perhaps instilling in him his “No kill” philosophy), but we’re sure to discover what happened to Zod’s body, and whether it’s with the Army, Lex Luthor, or Bruce Wayne. My bet is on Lex Luthor, as I’m sure he’ll have been tasked with cleaning and rebuilding the city, and will have made sure to get his dirty hands on the one thing that can tell him everything he wants to know about the “Alien”.

Does Bruce Wayne come to Metropolis?
Does Bruce Wayne come to Metropolis?

2. The “Battle of Metropolis”

One probable conflict will be how Batman will confront Superman on the destruction he caused, as well as the life he took. This is very inreresting because in the comics, Superman is the pure one and Batman is the hard one, and in most the the recent continuities, the first time Superman confronts Batman, it’s to arrest him for the supposed “murders” he is responsible for in Gotham. We quickly find out those are all rumors, but still Batman always appeared more on the edge than Superman, and if there ever was one superhero who could crack and kill the Joker, for instance, it’s definitely the Dark Knight, and not at all Kal-El… But in the DC Cinematic Universe, the roles are definitely reversed! In addition, the Metropolis carnage of the first movie will act as a polarizing effect for Superman, as well as the trust in Superheroes. People around the world will fear them, some will admire them, but most of all everyone will know they’re out there. The Battle will probably act as a “coming-out party” for all the future Justice Leaguers as well. Some will step into the limelight to ensure something like this never happens again (probably [Aquaman](movie:264237) because of the “other” battle in the Pacific Ocean). But most of all, when they step out they will all say something along the lines of “Never again” or “Now we stand together to protect Metropolis and the little guy”. This is more than likely.

3. A fight between Batman and Superman and then a team-up

After fighting Superman, will Batman join him?
After fighting Superman, will Batman join him?

It’s a common trope of Superheroes crossovers, but the title says it all. Those two will duke it out for sure, and then they’ll team up to fight whatever the Army and Lex have come up with to destroy Superman. Batman will outsmart everyone, Superman will outpower everyone, but together they will be stronger than alone, or against one another… Classic, but everyone will pay the big bucks to see it on the silver screen. Audience will expect some form of rivalry (perhaps over Lois Lane? Or Wonder Woman?) to add oil to the fire, but also to make it a little bit more complex than just “They meet and they fight for no good reason”. Audiences today expect more than a senseless fight just for the heck of it; they want “motivation”, they want “complexity”; and they want blood! But then, because audiences also know their mythology, they want the “World’s Finest”. This is for sure.

4. Batman and Superman will have a common enemy to fight

From Doomsday to Metallo, the rumors have been going on for a while on who the “Big bad” will be. Well, again, that enemy is pure speculation. What I can say for sure is that there will definitely be a worthy enemy, stronger than the heroes alone but weaker than the heroes united, to fight. Lex Luthor will stay in the background, and the Army will be smarter than to engage with Superman directly. They will contract Lex Luthor to create or hire someone to confront the “Alien”. They will test Superman’s powers and mettle. But they will not engage with him. And most of all, the heroes will not fight each other nor Luthor in the Third Act. The World’s Finest will fight someone bigger, stronger, and meaner than Luthor; probably not more dangerous; but definitely more of a direct physical threat. This is certain.

5. Space flight

Just like Elon Musk or Richard Branson, I'm sure Lex Luthor will yearn for space flight especially if he recovered alien tech from the wreckage. Not only that, but perhaps he will send space probes throughout the galaxy to make sure there are no other alien races out there bent on destroying earth. This might be how Darkseid or Brainiac come into play, with one of the probes. But I’m pretty sure that Lex will have mastered most of the Kryptonian’s technology by the film’s beginning (yep, not the end, since there will probably be a short time-jump between Man of Steel and this follow-up). This is more than probable.

Extra: Children:

If Lois and Clark have been living together since the first film, I'm sure they'll start discussing children in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), and Clark will be wondering how possible it is for him to have children with an earthling. This doesn’t seem too important as far as plot is concerned, but it might be an offhand remark or a character-building moment. And if they want to build tension between Lois, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and Superman, what better way than to have Diana say something like “This woman is not fit to bear your children” or a more gentle remark like “It will kill her to give you children, Clark”. This is possible, but less likely as it might be too early yet to include this subject in the Cinematic Universe.


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