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#5 Risley Law (Fairy Tail)

Risely was introduced in the Grand Magic Tournament. She is seen as a large woman with the magic Gravity Change. This Magic allows her to manipulate the gravity affecting a person, using it to change her weight, allowing her to defy gravity and walk on walls. When She loses her magic power she shrinks down to a very skinny state.

I really enjoyed seeing Risely. You rarely see chubby women in manga/anime that are not either old or jokes. Risely is seen as very strong when in her chubby state, and weakened in her skinny state. I look forward to seeing her character more in Fairy Tail.

#4 Conan Edogawa (Case Closed/Detective Conan)

Shinichi Kudo was known as the High School Detective. He had been solving crimes for the police department for years. One night when following a crime, Shinichi was given an experimental poison. Instead of killing him, it shrunk him down into the body of a six year old. He now goes by the name Conan Edogawa and lives with his classmate, and girlfriend, Ran Mouri, whose father, Kogoro Mouri, is a detective, neither of which know his true identity. Conan uses Kogoro's detecive agency to help him solve crimes and hopefully discover the men who poisoned him.

Since he has the appearance of a kid, no one takes him seriously, so using gadgets and trickery he puts adults to sleep and mimics their voice to solve crimes. I love reading these comics because each volume has a crime that gets solved within a few chapters. Either while Conan is with his new family, or his new set of classmates (all children), crime follows him everywhere. I had to take a break though because I was reading it while watching Forensic Files and I started to have weird dreams of me being a detective...

#3 Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)

Former captain of the 12th division, Kisuke Urahara was expelled from Soul Society. Kisuke runs a shop which sells many Shinigami items, and has become Ichigo's teacher. He is the one that invented the fake souls that take control of Ichigo and friends' bodies while they enter Soul Society and such. He has also created many other inventions that have been used by Soul Society and other Shinigamis.

Kisuke has a cool cane sword as his Zanpakutō, Benihime, whose power in Shikai is a set of crimson colored attacks. His Bankai has not yet been released. I just love his character, he is light and funny but serious when needed. When I first started watching Bleach he became my instant favorite, and has been brought in to save the day many times.

#2 Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)

The power to control shadows. Shikamaru has the ability to stretch his shadow, even using other shadows to increase his reach, and grab onto an enemies shadow to force them into mimicking his movements. Later he can wrap his shadow around the enemy to strangle them.

The thing I love the most about Shikamaru is how lazy he is. Shikamaru is a slacker that slept through his classes and yet still managed to get good grades. Really reminds me of myself. Even though he forfeited his Chunin exam match, he was still named Chunin because of his strategic skill. Although a slacker, he always goes out of his way to help his friends and is always three steps ahead of his enemies.

#1 Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)

Asuma Sarutobi is the son of the 3rd Hokage. A jonin, and sensei of the group Ino-Shika-Cho, Asuma treats his students like his own children. He was dating Kurenai Yūhi secretly, only revealing this to Shikamaru. He fathered a child with her, but died before she was even showing. He uses a combination of fire and wind chakra techniques, mainly using his wind chakra in his trench knives.

One of the things I connect with most with Asuma is how he treats his students like children. His fatherly affection for them reminds me of my own father, and the hurt Shikamaru felt in his death reverberated with my own loss of my father. Asuma has always been a favorite of mine because of this fatherly feeling and it crushed me when he was killed off.


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