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Young justice has to be one of the best ( If not greatest ) Superhero cartoon I've ever seen; It connects with you in so many levels as well as ways other cartoons don’t. I haven't fallen in love with a show such as this since the Justice League series, and even though some may say I'm too old for cartoons, Young Justice has surely been able to be able to proven its more than “ Just a cartoon. “ It digs deeper than that, it shows a side of heroes that some people really wouldn't think much about, nor care to learn more about if not handed to them. This show has proven to be able to bring to light emotions, some being : Sad,happy,mad and even excited ! they surely emphasize on theses young heroes being simply teenagers. So, if I were to bring any cartoon or comic to live it would surely be Young Justice the animated series. I wanted to make this as realistic as can be so I won’t be touching the confirmed cast members for the Justice League since I would very much love for this to be apart of the DC cinematic universe. So sit back , relax and enjoy my Fan casting for the Young Justice franchise.

Jessica Lawrence as Miss Martian

Jennifer as Miss Martian
Jennifer as Miss Martian

We seen her in blue - but my guts telling me she’ll look better in green ! Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you my dream cast for Miss Martian, the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I am definitely a huge fan of her portrayal as Mystique. To me Mystique and Miss Martin are very much alike other than one being blue and the other being green. In X-men First Class we were given a chance to see the softer side of Mystique, the side I see Miss Martian in, both Mystique and Miss Martian are afraid. There afraid of being alone as well as themselves, because of what they are they fear no one outside of their kind will accept them. That's where both Super boy and Magneto come into play, they comfort their tampered souls and helped enabled them to realize they can be loved just the way they are. They can have the ability to be anyone they choose, but it is their true selves that they truly love and willing to accept. Not only am I in love with Jennifer's Mystique and the rather large similarities both Miss Martian and Mystique share , I also love that Jennifer Lawrence is an all round amazing actor and has shown more than once that she can pull of any part given to her.

If I were in charge of directing this film I’d give each member of the team a theme Miss Martian being hope, she’d be the middleman. The peace maker, the one who refuses to take sides because she’d rather see her team undermine any threat that came their way as a family, and with no casualties. So, she’d make it her duty to ensure that everyone is on the same page, this could be proven difficult. But, with Jennifer Lawrence playing this role I have faith it can be pulled off. I’ll also have her be the shy one she’ll have little to say but will speak loud and proud when need be, at least then the team would be more willing to listen to her since she’ll go from so soft spoken to one with integrity and aggression when the team is at its weakest point giving them hope.

I looked up a variety of clips where the actors I chosen portray the characters I've chosen for them best, and in this clip I visualize Miss Martian lifting those weights and startled by Conner Kent ( Super boy ) causing her to stop the weights in mid air with her telekinesis.

Colton Haynes as Connor Kent (Super Boy)

There is no one I see more as Super boy then Colton Haynes himself. His portrayal as Roy Harper in the Arrow series has definitely earned him a seat on the big screen and in the cinematic universe. Colton would make a perfect Super boy, and he has the ferocity and brawn's to prove it. Super Boy is shown on the show to be the most aggressive of the team most would say he’s the hot head of the bunch but his heart remains the same. He grew up in a lab so at the social point he isn't all the way there but he has a team to help steer his mind where it needs to be. I believe this can be the role Colton needs to spark in the industry, at least in the film industry. What really got to me is the episodes of Arrow where Roy Harper had been drugged with the Mirakuru giving him amazing abilities. He went crazy tanking and killing all who stood in his way , this was similar to the very first episode of Young Justice where Super Boy went free and gone rampage.

My theme for Super Boy is Anger he'll be the hard hitter; the angry one of the group. He's not as laid back as everyone else and don't take lightly with people trying to be in charge of him, but he is also more prone to manipulation.

Cameron Monaghan as Wally West ( Kid Flash )

For those who don’t know, Cameron is the boy who shocked the whole world with his marvelous portrayal as Jerome ( The Joker ). Some of you may be wondering what similarities can Joker and Kid Flash possibly have ? None, but I do have my reasons for picking this specific actor. Two more specifically, Cameron has been acting since he was 3 years old, and has played complex parts that adult actors today have trouble playing, One of them being the Joker which he surprisingly pulled off. Joker and Kid Flash are both comical and I feel Cameron can really pull off Wally West if he takes that comical humorous side he used as Joker and bring it to Kid Flash only less cynical but more playful and witty like his Ian expression on Shameless.

Cameron's theme as Wally West would be simple; he’ll be the humerus part of the team the one who reminds them of their youth, As well as the one who finds it hard to differentiate the time when humerus is needed and not needed. Nonetheless, he’d be the one keeping the team from carrying too much weight on their shoulders.

This is not a similar clip to Wally West but this is a brief example of how talented Cameron is :

Milo Ventimiglia as Dick Grayson ( Night Wing )

Not only does he carry the looks of our favorite Boy Wonder, he is also no stranger to being a “ Hero “ he also has the leadership skills to prove it. Milo has to be my favorite character on heroes and it would be awesome to see him bring his skills over from heroes and show how incredible he can be with a baton and mask as Night Wing .

His theme would be leadership/defender, his job is to lead as well as defend his team. He doesn't have to agree with them which he most likely won’t but it’s his job to steer them in the right direction.

James Purejoy as Vandal Savage

Of course we need an antagonist, this being Vandal Savage the immortal manipulative being who's been living since the dinosaur ages and manipulated his way through time, who better to carry this weight then James Purejoy. James Purejoy is no stranger to time , in most of his movies he plays many characters from different timelines and backgrounds which proves his talents. So it shouldn't be hard to play a man who walked the earth for so long, another reason I chose Purejoy was because of his portrayal as Joe Carrol on the following. He was very manipulative and evil, so manipulative to where he made his own cult. He had people go against their own teachings and living and adapt to his, there was no one far from his reach even the main protagonist fell to his ways but in a way he didn't notice. This is what I’d like to see for Vandal Savage he’s not the most powerful but his ways of persuasion should be able to make up for that.

His theme being evil the one who turns earths mightiest heroes against the world. This is a video clip from the following Joe's message to the world after being thought to be dead. I visualize this as Vandal Savage threatening the world due to his control over the Justice League.

Peter Mensah as Martian Manhunter

peter Mensah as Martian Manhunte
peter Mensah as Martian Manhunte

Peter Mensah played Oenomaus in Spartacus and I can easily say he carried every valuable trait for Martian the man hunter. The strong and affirmative accent, the strong glare and the wisdom. A man who is willing to follow as much as he leads.

His theme would be Wisdom he'd be in charge of enriching the team with the right knowledge. He'll be able to help them against the Justice league who went rouge.

A clip from Spartacus

This movie would more then likely based on the very last episode of Young Justice season 1, where the Justice League is being controlled by Vandal Savage. Since Batman is older in the upcoming Superman Vs Batman movie , I decided to make Dick Night Wing instead of Robin.


The heroes under the control of Vandal Savage has been terrorizing the universe, going from the worlds most mightiest heroes to most feared; now its up to Young Justice to pick up the baton and save the universe from there biggest threat yet the Justice League.


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