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Okay so this is my first post so i intend on keeping it brief.

5. Captain America

Captain America is one of my favourites purely because he is such a cool character and he is one of my favourite charavters in the MCU.

4. Deadpool

Now some people moght think that deadpool is an anti-hero but oh well. Deadpool is such an awesome character and he brings humour like no other superhero. I cant wait until the movie next year.

3. The Flash

The Flash is another favourite of mine. I love the concept of having super speed and Flash is my favourite speedsder.

2. Wolverine

Wolverine is number 2 on the list. I think he's an ultikate badass and the coolest marvel hero. I love the way Hugh Jackman portrays the character.

1. Batman


Batman. The Dark Knight. Whatever you wanna call him,he is my favourite superhero of all time. Batman's origin,his villains,his allies,his gadgets and more make him the best hero and a total badass.

Thanks for reading this everybody. I hope i can write some more posts.


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