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As we've all heard, Valiant Entertainment is about to join the cinematic universe along with their cousins, Marvel and DC. We've also heard that the first film in the making from Valiant Entertainment is their book Shadowman.

But there are other characters that definitely need their own movie. For example, Valiant's most famous character, XO Manowar. In a way, you could say he's their version of Iron Man; just without money and super-smarts, and with more fights against aliens.

Another character they could turn into a movie would also be Ninjak. But there are two versions of this character; one version that's an enemy-turned-ally of XO Manowar, coincidentally. Another version, the Acclaim comics version, tells the story of high school student Danny Meechum, who solves a puzzle in a video game conveniently called Ninjak. He was then transformed into Ninjak.

But there was a catch. Along with the materialization of Ninjak was also his enemies the Dark Dozen, twelve bosses from the video game. Later on, Danny learns from the writer of the game that the powers he received as Ninjak were actually the abilities of ancient ninja warriors sworn to protect the world from twelve evil monks, which turn out to be (obviously) the Dark Dozen.

That's the Acclaim Comics version. The Valiant Entertainment version is a member of the alien race the Vine, the aliens that abduct Aric of Dulcia, the XO Manowar. He is a member of Vine humanoids that are called "plantings," Vine that give the appearance of humans. He was given the order to retrieve Shanharra, the XO Manowar armor, from Aric, and, if time calls for it, also kill Aric in the process.

And, apparently, there's another Ninjak in Valiant. The backstory of this other one is Colin King, son of a master spy for the British government, trains to find and apprehend (or kill) the assailants responsible for his father's death.

I believe that all these versions of Ninjak are pretty cool, but only one (or none at all) can make it to the big screen. That is, if they want to continue after Shadowman.

Be ready to mark your calendars for Shadowman to hit theaters! Not sure when, but you can be sure to find more updates on!

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