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It was recently announced that Key & Peele's popular "Substitute Teacher" sketch is being made into a feature length movie. With over 72 millions views on Youtube, there's no denying the hilarious sketch would make a great comedy ...

But there's another Key & Peele sketch that would make for an EVEN BETTER movie!

I'm talking about the "The Valets" of course.

If you haven't seen this beautiful display of comedy, please watch the full length video or check out the short clip below.

The gist: two Valet workers get increasingly over-excited when talking about their favorite action movies. Sometimes to the point of disintegration. They also have a hysterical tendency to mispronounce celebrity names and movie titles (i.e., "Liam Neesons" and "Tooken").

A huge fan favorite, the show has already made several follow ups of equal quality (below). One of them even features Liam Neeson!

Now I think it's time for the creators to go even bigger!

Yes...I'm thinking a full length, action packed movie starring these two Valet goons. It could be the biggest Action/Comedy flick of the decade. Think 21 Jump Street meets This Is The End.

The plot would go something like this:

After getting fired from the Valet company for a verbal altercation with a client (the customer didn't like "Triples X's" starring Van Diesel), the two passionate action fans seek out new jobs. The character played by Key becomes a chauffeur driver for a upscale town car service. The other, played by Peele, gets a job at a local pawn shop that specializes in weaponry.

The chauffeur gig turns out to be a dream come true for Key's character. He gets to rub elbows with some Hollywood hottest stars (potential cameo scenes with actors like Shia LaBeouf and Kate Beckinsale). The character also finds he has a real knack for driving, often comparing himself to Jason Statham's "The Transportator."

Peele's new job isn't bad either. He gets to play with cool guns all day and imagine himself blasting annoying customers. Just like one of his beloved movie heroes.

And then it finally happens...

On a routine chauffeur pick up, Key pulls up to a fancy Hollywood hotel and there he is. The incomparable Liam Neesons.

Key's character is pumped that he gets to drive around his favorite action star. He's SO ECSTATIC, that he can barely focus on the road. He has so many questions for "the best actor of all time." Distracted, he hits a bump and a tire blows out. He quickly pulls over to the side of the road, apologizing to Mr. Neeson.

Suddenly, three ninja like operatives sweep in out of nowhere and grab Liam from the car. They kidnap him in a very Taken like fashion. Key rubs his eye in disbelief. Is this really happening? Or has he just been watching too many movies?

A phone rings.

"Oh Shit. Oh Shit. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. It's them," he takes a deep breath, "Ok. I can do this," another deep breath, "here we go..."

He answers the phone doing his best Liam Neeson impression,

"I don't know who you are...but I have a very certain set of skills."

"Key...its me." we see Peele standing behind his counter at work, holding one of the weapons, "Can you pick up some milk on your way home."

Key looks at the phone and realizes it's just his own. Not the secret agents. Panicking again, he explains the Taken like situation that's happening right now and asks Peele what he should do.

Peele pauses for a second and looks down at the gun in his hand. And then at the walls of guns lining his store. He smiles.

"We're gonna go get Mr. Neesons back...

That's all I got so far, but that HAS to be enough for you see the potential!

So if you're a huge fan of Key & Peele...

And the thought of this movie makes you feel like...

Please share!

Maybe we can get this thing on the fast track to being made.

If you have any other ideas for the movie, please comment below. Let's crowd-source an awesome plot!


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