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There are so many different superheroes. Hopeful, light-hearted figures such as Superman and Spiderman, and dark, brooding characters such as Batman and Wolverine. Some heroes have superpowers, while others have pushed themselves to be masters of combat and intelligence. With so many different characters, it is hard to determine which heroes are the best. After some contemplation, here is my countdown list of my top five superheroes:

#5 — The Flash

So fast, he's like a flash... eh, eh?
So fast, he's like a flash... eh, eh?

The Flash is one of my favorites because as Barry Allen, he is neither popular nor rich... yet he stands for what's right. As The Flash, he battles against the fastest and (some of) the most dangerous villains on the DC Universe. As the fastest man alive, he proves that a guy who can run really fast is actually awesome. He is definitely on my list!

#4 — The Hulk

You gotta admit this is cool!  — Syndrome
You gotta admit this is cool! — Syndrome

A man who gets angry and turns into a raging, unstoppable, green monster is, honestly, one of the greatest concepts ever! Not only is the destruction of The Hulk nothing short of epic, but also the character of Bruce Banner trying to control his anger (thereby controlling The Hulk) and becoming a prisoner in his own mind when the Hulk takes over, is rather emotional to think of. Being the strongest hero there is, The Hulk is one of the best superheroes... ever!

#3 — Batman

Using fear to defeat his enemies since 1939.
Using fear to defeat his enemies since 1939.

Batman is a master assassin, the world's greatest detective, and the most feared hero in the DC Universe. This makes Batman onto my list (and pretty much everyone else's). With a man who has an iron will and a knack for scaring the living daylights out of criminals, Bruce Wayne (the man under the mask) has an emotional story to tell of watching both of his parents murdered right in front of him. Being an emotional character (even though he doesn't show it) and the Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman is more than a vigilante... he's a hero.

#2 — Spiderman

Does everything a spider can.
Does everything a spider can.

Ever since his debut in the 1960's, Spiderman has been adored for his creatively-written superpowers and his character. Peter Parker, Spiderman's secret identity was written by Stan Lee so that teenagers would find him to be a relatable character. Not only has everyone become emotionally connected with Spiderman, but also he has been considered one of the greatest superheroes of all time, making him one of my favorites.

And finally...

#1 — Superman

"More powerful than a locomotive" — understatement!
"More powerful than a locomotive" — understatement!

Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time of all time. Being an America cultural icon, Superman stands for truth, freedom, and the American way. Superman is an alien with superpowers (super strength, invulnerability, flight, etc.), a man of good morals, and a figure who stands for what's right. Even when there are those superhero fans who laugh at Superman for his outfit and boo him for his no-weakness morality, Superman will always be known as "the blueprint for the modern superhero." (IGN, Top 10 Comic Book Heroes)

What are your favorite superheroes? Post in the comments below!


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