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A couple of months ago a picture of Jake Gyllenhaal wearing boxing gloves and looking absolutely ripped hit the internet and the discussion about the Oscars for Gyllenhaal began immediately. This still is from Antoine Fuqua's newest film "SOUTHPAW" and the trailer just dropped today, take a look:

What the trailer shows us is that this a film less about boxing and more about the story of a man redeeming himself for the betterment of his daughter.

After the death of his wife, Billy begins to spiral down, his life becoming more tragic and violent by the minute. His daughter is taken away from him by the authorities because Billy is deemed to be unfit for parenting. "Southpaw" is about Billy Hope redeeming his career as a world class boxer and the love of his daughter.

This trailer really surprised me, I wasn't expecting such a deep story from this film and I wasn't aware the film was being directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer). What didn't surprise me was Gyllenhaal's performance, which as always looks phenomenal.

Gyllenhaal hasn't quite made it into the A List actors category yet but he fully deserves to be there, he's proven time and time again that he's one of the best in Hollywood. In the past two years he has made his way into my top 10 actors of all time list with absolutely phenomenal performances in Prisoners, Enemy and Nightcrawler for which he was robbed an Oscar nomination. Could "Southpaw" be the film that earns him his second nomination after his incredible performance in "Brokeback Mountain" back in 2006?

We know the academy are very fond of sports films and redemption stories and also love it when an actor goes through a physical transformation which Gyllenhaal has certainly done here. The film also has a very good supporting cast with Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent.

I think "Southpaw" looks incredible guys, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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