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Hello, fleshy mass....

I would like to propose a quick topic of discussion, for it rings in my brain at this moment, and unfortunately with my everyday work life I forget to poor my brains here. I have watched a lot of good flicks latley and have a lot to talk about, but right now I want to focus on my alternate reality wife, my knightess' in shining armor, champion of the living world against mean corpses, Milla Jovovich. I can gush on this for awhile...."wait, are we really not doing phrasing anymore?"...but I'm going to keep the focus here on her being the greatest badass in the resident evil series, I mean calmon, who wants some of Alice? "Oh hey, just going to light the sky on fire here, no big".... I'm just saying if I was in the hunger games and Alice was also, I'd be bringing her treats in snacks to her constantly in hopes she would save me for last....But I'm also interested in what other people may think on this topic. She does a great job as a strong, smart, and effective "hero" roll on the big screen, without the annoyances of past male dominated action rolls. So hats off to the most badass lady I can think of! the world of fiction of course.


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