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In our lives a theme or obstacle that seems to resurface time and again is an individual being their worst enemy. What if a movie displayed that in today's theater. With no cheap jump scares this project will depend psychological aspects. "The inner you." could depict the worst possible outcomes of seeing yourself in a bad light. It's a horror that feels impossible to escape from and at that point you might even question yourself.

For the sake of this I'll use myself as "The main character." There can be points were I reach such a low point. From there a specter of sorts can drag me down to an even lower point. It can be represented from another person. As as an exampled I go to a job interview and think I did a bad job promoting myself and I see in the corner of my eye, the interviewer toss my resume aside. The interviewer could be the specter that appears later and tells me I've done worse that what I was visibility seeing.

The tunes of this project should feel uncertain from the start and should continue to unsettle and get worse. The main character can be put through a few more encounters. Say in the middle he/she breaks and believes that need to see a psychiatrist. What if the voice the reason became a voice of distrust. Even the main characters former friends/ any romantic interests become additional voices in only breaking the main character down into insanity. The reality is twisted with every voice being his or her alter ego bringing them down.

For this movie idea to work I think only one character should remain the voice of reason. This character however as an interestingly twist is just the other side of you. One that goes to the other extreme and has only belief in themselves and no one else. This can serve to guide the main character but even then is also not in a "safe" environment because it is the other extreme. This specter clings too hard to the main character. The end portion is the only thing that I will need to work on but the first two parts can cover a good chunk of the film if written well enough.

I image the main character as being more quite but can deeply express typical every day stress. The original group he/she has with them is small perhaps three others. Maybe it can be once one person has this "Self crises" it also passes to the others as well. This makes it harder to tell whats real and fake. The main character will have dialogue that starts to put them self down then the specter will appear and nail in those negative vibes. With this idea the ending I feel should hit a middle ground meaning to not be too sad or too happy, simply not resolved at best. Since this is a daily problem it wouldn't make sense to end the movie too happy because that wouldn't fit. To sad and it might also take on the wrong message. The ending would be the toughest part would be how to deal with it but how it can still haunts you. The ending lingers.

This post will be updated with some sample dialogue later on. This will also be open to ideas so comments will be greatly appreciated.


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