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This is a list of characters from comics but I just could not compare them to characters like Superman and Aquaman or Naruto and Ichigo....

#5 Vladek Spiegelman (Maus)

Maus is a true story about holocaust survivor, Vladek Spiegelman. It is written by Art Spiegelman, it cronicles Vladek's story from living in a Hitler controlled country, to being thrown into an internment camp, and then surviving to start his own family.

I received this comic collection from my wife (then just girlfriend) for a Sweetest Day gift (for those of you not from Michigan, Sweetest day is just a second Valentines day, it was supposed to be for the men but it got turned into a second Valentines day on the third Saturday or October.) I was grateful, but only read it at first because it was a gift, I am not into non-fiction, I read comics to escape, but I quickly became obsessed. Vladek's story is very moving, it tugs at every emotion, and teaches one about the Holocaust.

#4 Charlie Brown

The one and only Blockhead himself. I don't think I need to say much about good ol' Charlie Brown.

I love Peanuts, and Charlie was one I could relate to. I never felt like anyone cared or that I mattered, but my friends would always come through and prove otherwise. I always save his strip for second to last when reading the sunday funnies.

#3 Garfield

Everyone's favorite lasagna loving cat.

I grew up with Garfield, he is most likely the first comic I ever read. Still to this day I only like to read the paper for the comics, and I always save Garfield for last.

#2 The Doctor

Do not make me choose which actor, I love them all, and since The Doctor is just one Timelord who changes faces... They are all one. I don't think I need to explain much about The Doctor, he is an alien that travels through time in a blue police box called the Tardis. Originally the Tardis changed shape to blend with the culture, but due to a malfunction The Doctor's only ever looks like a police box.

I instantly fell for The Doctor, his wackiness, zaniness, and just overall character is a great show, and in comic book form the adventures continue for all incarnations of The Doctor.

#1 Fone Bone

After another one of Phoncible P. Bone's failed scams, the Bone brothers were chased out of Boneville and forced into exile. Fone Bone held his brothers together and helped lead them out of the desert and into the Valley where they are chased by scary (and stupid) rat creatures, befriend a dragon, enter a cow race, and create all sorts of mayhem for the villagers until finally Fone Bone helps save the valley from the Lord of the Locusts.

I ran into this comic in the Sunday Funnies when I was a kid. I would wait every day to read the next strip, but never got to finish the tale. Years later I run across it online, the entire full graphic novel and of course I had to buy it. It is one of the few books I have read multiple times.


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