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Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks... all are talented and awarded actors, and besides their celebrity title, they all have something in common - they can't do without repeating the same scenes. Be it that their characters are always eating something, run or toast, to those actors - these actions have become a special kind of signature move.

Tom Cruise always runs

Tom Cruise is still one of the most paid actors on the planet. The repeated action that follows his every role is - running.

From 'Mission Impossible' to 'Collateral', Tom Cruise has, roughly, 15 minutes of running per movie. He even joked about it and, in the biography section of his Twitter profile, he wrote:

Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981.

Brad Pitt can't stop eating

Brad Pitt seems to have a bottomless stomach, because in the movies he plays in, he always seems to be chewing some food.

You probably noticed these kinds of scenes in one of the films from the 'Ocean's' film series, because in it, he just can't stop eating. But he does that in his almost every other role.

In most cases, he keeps exterminating the snacks while standing or walking.

Leonardo DiCaprio cannot get enough of a drink

For DiCaprio and the drinking mania, everything started in the film 'Titanic'.

Whether you're watching 'Great Gatsby', 'The Wolf of Wall Street' or 'The Man in the Iron Mask', in every movie you'll be able to see him with a glass in his raised hand.

Looks like nobody can make a toast like Leo.

John Cusack is always in the rain

We really do feel sorry for John Cusack's bitter fate who is always caught outside in the rain. Of course, the rain can be romantic, but in Cusack's case, it's always either an extreme shower or a thunderstorm.

Tom Hanks has a weak bladder

Tom Hanks only does what every other normal human does too. But, we don't really get to see that often in the movies, not to mention with the same actor in almost all his roles.

Either way, Tom Hanks must apologize and go to the toilet in most of his films. He's usually always in a hurry.

Sean Bean dies in more than 25 films

Hats down, let's make a toast for Sean Bean. The unfortunate actor always dies onscreen. Whether he gets killed, or dies in a most bizarre way. His first onscreen death was recorded in the film 'Goldeneye', and when the end list is taken into account, Sean Bean died in over 25 movie and show projects.


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