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Good Hulk vs Bad Hulk???
Good Hulk vs Bad Hulk???

I know everyone like is highly anticipating the arrival of Avengers: Age of Ultron, if not then shame on YOU!!!!!!!!

I was doing some digging around through trailers while at work and came to a bit of revelation............THE HULK MIGHT BE POSSESSED BY SCARLET WITCH?!?!?!?!?!

The reason i have come to this theory is based on the above picture from the AOU trailer 2. As you can tell by the intimate moment between The Hulk and maybe love interest Black Widow, if you look at his eyes (it took me a minute to get that good of a screenshot) his eyes are normal, Hulk, "Black Widow I love you" green eyes at the 1:00 mark but look below and you'll see something different 20 seconds later...........

WAIT FOR IT...............

WAIT FOR IT...................

WAIT FOR IT...........................

THAT'S RIGHT RED MOTHERF***ING EYES. Just 20 seconds later after him and Iron Man go tearing up a downtown city (most likely South Africa) and right before Iron Man is going to blast him right before the trailer goes to credits, a small glimpse that nobody probably saw, is that his eyes are evidently red. This isn't the "i've been crying", "I lost my little green puppy" type of red eyes, these are the red eyes from a so called special twin ie Scarlet Witch.

I say this is a theory because if you go look at the AOU trailer #3, you see that Black Widow was being possessed by Scarlet Witch and her eyes turned red esp in the pupil area and looking at the below screenshot (which also took a minute to capture perfectly), his pupil area is red and even the bags under his eyes are red as well. So it is possible that The Big Guy is possessed by the red queen twin herself and that is the reason why him and the other big guy are having an Avenger smackdown in the middle of South Africa.

Now again this is just a theory while looking at the trailer over 5 times (sometimes I get bored at work) but what if this is actually true and Scarlet Witch is possessing the Big Guy and making his worse fears coming to light and making him fight his best science friend???? We really won't know anything until May 1st rolls around and we make our judgement from there but if this is true it will make AOU very very very interesting. Until good day hunting folks!!!!!!!!!!!!


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