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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I'm an Artist and I like to paint, among other things, films fan art and mashups.
I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and I'm happy to upload my first drawing of Yoda. This is just a part of a larger vision that I have about Star Wars, a part of a larger paint, with another three more parts. Now, I'm exiting about the upcoming "The Force Awakens" and ll, but I don't know what his vision about the Star Wars universe is, and I have my own vision about it,. I'm truelly believe that it can and must be expanded.

I'll upload each part separately, and then I'll reveal the final complete painting, which contain my vision about the star wars universe. I hope that you'll like it [sorry for the secrecy, you'll see in the near future].

You are also welcomed to enjoy in this video to Guy Helsing (my brother) reorchestration and interpetation of the star wars soundtrack

Flying Yoda
Flying Yoda

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