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Christian Hinton

Well, its about a year until Batman V Superman, one of the most exciting releases coming to theaters in years, comes out. But many fans including myself are wondering how the movie will be set up, and why DC is spending so much time just teasing us and not showing us some actual footage. Many people are actually angry at DC for not releasing a trailer yet. That means one of two things. One, they are nervous to release it because it may not have what the fans want. Or two, they know that it will be completely amazing and they don't want to give too much away. With all of the rumors about the movie and circulation for it, one thing is for sure, everyone is excited for the movie. So it should be waited on and should be an absolute amazing time for fans. Stop waiting for a trailer and just be excited for the movie. Keep speculating and be excited for it. That's some of the best part leading up to the movie.


What do you think? Do you think its better to wait than want it all right away?


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