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Back in February, Stephen Amell, the king of social media, posted a picture on his Instagram of himself and his brother Robbie "on set" in their superhero costumes.

As every tiny peek at the worlds we love can do, this sent fans flying into discussion and speculations - what could this mean? Would Firestorm be making an appearance on Arrow, and if so, how could that be written in? Of course, some fans, aware that both shows are shot in Vancouver, just assumed that the two were doing some filming nearby, and that these characters wouldn't be appearing together on screen anytime soon.

Now fansite Grant Gustin news has posted some set photos from The Flash that suggest the brothers will actually get to join forces on the show! Looks like maybe that pic wasn't just co-incidental filming after all.

Even more interesting than knowing that Oliver Queen will be visiting Barry again is his clothing choice in this shot - the Arrow's got a whole new look, and one that seems very inspired by the League.

Given the shocking offer that Ra's Al Ghul made earlier this season, could it be that Oliver Queen has agreed to take his place at Nanda Parbat? I can't believe for a second that he would ever abandon Starling City, but with the rise of Ray Palmer as the ATOM, the end of his hopes with Felicity, and the way that Ra's reacted to his initial refusal in the last episode, maybe he truly believes that the city is better off without him.

Alternatively, is he trying to trick Ra's, or someone else? Could he be making an ambitious plan to try and play both sides (which just won't end well..)? If his Instagram photo is from the same episode, we can see that in the pic, he is wearing his current outfit. If he changes from "classic" Hood to League-style-Arrow during the episode, what could that mean?

The classic costume
The classic costume

Perhaps he decides that he must go to the League and take Ra's up on his offer, but stops by Central City to speak with Barry before he goes (which I think Oliver would do - he's a good guy, and Barry is the only other vigilante he knows). While there, clearly there is a big showdown - I'm assuming with the Rogues as a group, because that would be amazing - and Firestorm is brought in to even the odds. Could this fight change Oliver's mind, and send him back to his old costume and his home city?

Whatever is going on with Oliver in these images, I just can't wait to see the Arrow and Flash back together again to battle some bad guys! The assumption is that this would be another two-part crossover, maybe for the season finale. If it does come down to mini-Justice League vs the Rogue's Gallery, I would be jumping out of my seat with excitement. It's time to see a heroes and villains battle en masse!

The source doesn't say which epsisode these bts photos are from, but if it is the finale, we'll see the whole gang together on the 19th of May.


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