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5. Batman

When I say Batman you think Bruce Wayne. Wayne is a great Batman but my number five slot actual goes to Terry McGinnis. I love Terry because I grew up with him as the cartoon I watched. Batman Beyond was a great cartoon and Started my love for comic books.

4. Aquaman

My number four slot goes to Aquaman. I love Aquaman because he reminds me of me. People think Aquaman sucks when actually ...... He's an ass kicker. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe.

3. Captain America

Captain America comes in number three because he's perfect. He was the first marvel hero I was ever introduced to and is the thing I love most about marvel. I also love him because he has a shield as his primary weapon. A GOD DAMN SHIELD.

2. Hawkgirl

I loved the Justice League cartoon and I love Hawkgirl. Everyone says Wonder Woman is better but I've always felt she was overrated. Hawkgirl was the first strong woman I had seen on TV.

1. Midnighter

My favourite comic book hero is, without a doubt, Midnighter. The reason why I have Midnighter as my number one is because he showed me that heroes din't have to be good people. He showed me that comics aren't just for kids and this is why he is my favourite.


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